WATCH: White House Refuses to Admit Biden Made Any Mistakes in Afghanistan

White House

White House press secretary Jen Psaki refused to admit that President Joe Biden had made any mistakes in the Afghanistan withdrawal, despite telling Americans we had to “learn from our mistakes” in a speech to the nation Tuesday afternoon.

Yamiche Alcindor of PBS had the following exchange with Psaki:

Alcindor: The president said that the U.S. should learn from its mistakes in the past. Does the president have any mistakes that he thinks he made during this withdrawal from Afghanistan that he wants to learn from?

Psaki: Well, I would say I think the president has been pretty clear that we all had an expectation that the Afghan national security forces would fight harder at the end, would fight against the Taliban. We all had an expectation that [Afghan] President Ghani would not flee the country. Those were not expectations that were clearly met. So you can spend a lot of time looking in the rear-view mirror. What our focus is on now is moving forward on our diplomatic effort, settling Afghan refugees, SIV applicants, and others who are coming to the United States, doing that in a very thorough and clear way, and also getting them settled in communities, that’s what our focus needs to be on.

Alcindor: … He shouldn’t have made those assumptions about the Afghan government? Is that the lesson for him, then?

Psaki: Well, I think most people made that assumption, but I don’t have any more for you.

Alcindor: I only ask that because he said that the U.S. should learn from their mistakes —

Psaki: Right, and he laid out what he clearly thinks they are over the past 20 years.

Biden spent much of his address repeatedly blaming President Donald Trump for the withdrawal in Afghanistan.

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