Connecticut Pro-Family Group Celebrates ‘Culturally Conservative’ Ryan Fazio Senate Flip Victory

Ryan Fazio in CT Wins
Fazio For State Senate

Family Institute of Connecticut (FIC) is joining the celebration of the state’s Republicans for Ryan Fazio’s victory in flipping his district’s state Senate seat – the same district President Joe Biden won by 25 points.

Fazio beat out Democrat and San Francisco transplant Alexis Gevanter who, as the Hartford Courant reported, accused Fazio of being “anti-science.”

“Democrats say Fazio walks in lockstep with national GOP leaders who oppose abortion, pandemic-related public health and efforts to address the climate crisis,” the Courant observed.

Many Republicans in Connecticut are quick to dismiss any mention of issues such as abortion, but FIC’s political action arm declared in an email response to Fazio’s election that a “culturally conservative, traditionalist Republican” was victorious.

FIC PAC stated:

Ryan Fazio’s victory may represent a turning point in more ways than one. Social conservatives have long criticized the CT GOP’s refusal to engage cultural issues. But recent events show the party may finally be changing for the better.

The pro-family organization observed Fazio’s column at the Federalist in December 2018, titled, “Now That the Supreme Court Isn’t Their Puppet, Liberals Want to Destroy It,” in which he wrote how progressive jurists’ reliance upon the concept of the “living Constitution” brought about decisions that, among other things, imposed both abortion and same-sex marriage on the nation:

Their jurisprudence was innocuously rationalized by the existence of a “living Constitution.” Sometimes such decisions were characterized by activism of the court imposing its preferred policies on legislatures, like in the MirandaRoe, and Obergefell decisions. Other times they were characterized by restraint, permitting the political branches to act contrary to statute or the Constitution, like in ChevronGonzales, and Sebelius cases. Often they were joined by liberal justices appointed by Republicans. They might have been earnest and well-meaning, but their rulings were also offensive to the rule of law and to millions of informed and motivated voters.

“We see in Ryan Fazio’s article what his opponents see in it: a man who is, at heart, pro-life,” said FIC.

“Indeed, Fazio’s victory is, in some ways, the first counter-punch against the anti-pregnancy center law passed by our state legislature this year,” the group wrote. “And more are coming.”

“Fazio won this race because he was a great candidate,” FIC added. “And, while we don’t agree with him on every issue, his support will be greatly appreciated in the continuing fight against assisted suicide.”

Newly elected Republican state party chairman Ben Proto commented Fazio’s team and the Connecticut GOP together “ran a vigorous campaign with a well-crafted message that Connecticut simply needs and deserves to do better.”

Though Connecticut is still solidly in the hands of Democrats, with Fazio’s victory, “Connecticut heard loud and clear that the people of the 36th District, and voters across the state, are tired of left-wing Democrat’s unchecked power and mismanagement,” Proto asserted. “We cannot afford to continue the same failed policies that have hurt residents and taxpayers for so long.”

Fazio himself reflected on how Republicans can continue to succeed in Connecticut.

“I think the recipe, ultimately, for statewide victory for Republicans is to continue to do better in places like the Naugatuck Valley and eastern Connecticut but also stop the losses or reverse the losses in lower Fairfield County,” he said, reported CT Mirror. “This is not a Connecticut-specific trend, this is a national trend.”

Republican National Committee Spokesperson Rachel Lee said, “Republicans coalesced in support of State Senator-elect Ryan Fazio and brought a sweeping victory in Connecticut.”

“Fazio’s monumental win crushed Connecticut Democrats’ hopes to tread water in the midst of a failing presidency and Ned Lamont’s far-left agenda,” she added.


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