Illegal Alien Deported After Serving Less than 10 Years in Prison for Murder

An illegal alien in the sanctuary state of Washington has …

An illegal alien in the sanctuary state of Washington has been deported from the United States after having served less than 10 years in prison for murder.

Nicolas Patistan-Perez, an illegal alien from Mexico, was charged and convicted in December 2011 for murdering 37-year-old Carlos Porras-Trujillo by beating him in the head to death with a club, robbing him, and dumping his body in an orchard in Brewster, Washington.

After the murder, which occurred in July 2011, Patistan-Perez fled to Fresno, California. After having been found, arrested, charged, and convicted of the murder, Patistan-Perez was sentenced to 123 months in prison.

At the time, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency issued a detainer on Patistan-Perez so that following his release from prison, he would be turned over to them for arrest and deportation.

Patistan-Perez was turned over to ICE agents last month — serving less than ten years in prison for the murder conviction — and was deported on March 23 back to his native Mexico after a federal immigration judge ordered his removal.

President Joe Biden’s administration has majorly gutted ICE’s abilities to enforce federal immigration law with a series of “sanctuary country” orders that prevent agents from arresting and deporting illegal aliens who are not recently convicted aggravated felons, terrorists, or known gang members.

Analysis from the Center for Immigration Studies has revealed the orders “will prevent the arrest and removal of nearly all of ICE’s caseload of criminals — including many aliens who have been convicted of the most serious crimes on the books.” The orders are likely to prevent 9-in-10 deportations that would have otherwise occurred.

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