Mic Catches Nearly All of Joe Biden’s Breathing During Masked Speech

The White House / YouTube

President Joe Biden’s breathing was audible between almost every line from a speech delivered with his mask on Tuesday at Ohio State University.

The microphone at the podium picked up Biden’s breath noises while speaking about the importance of fighting the coronavirus and beating cancer.

After taking the podium, Biden looked out at University officials and asked them if he was expected to keep his mask on.

“I guess I’m supposed to keep this on, correct?” he asked, before continuing.

Biden spoke at length about Obamacare, celebrated the 11th anniversary of the bill, and announced his administration would extend the special enrollment period for Obamacare until August 15, allowing more Americans to enroll for coverage.

“Historic achievement that would not have been possible but for the vision and determination of one of the successful presidents in recent American history, Barack Obama,” he said.

Biden recalled riding in a presidential vehicle with Obama in 2010 when news spread that the microphones picked up his private comment to the president calling the health care bill “a big fucking deal.”

“All I could think was thank God my mother wasn’t around to hear it,” Biden said.

Biden promised to continue working to improve Obamacare until everyone got coverage.

“We have a duty not just to protect it, but to make it better and keep becoming a nation where healthcare is a right for all, not just the privilege of a few,” he said.


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