Trump Predicts 35% Growth in Q3 — ‘We’re Coming Back Stronger’

(Jeff Poor/Breitbart News)

PENSACOLA, Florida — During a campaign visit to the Sunshine State on Friday, President Donald Trump told a crowd of several thousand rallygoers to expect strong gross domestic product numbers for the third quarter of 2020 when the Commerce Department releases its numbers just days before the November 3 presidential election.

Trump pointed to projections from the Atlanta Fed released earlier in the week, crediting the “strong foundation” built by his administration before the impact from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“By the way, on November 4, they’ll say everybody can open up,” he said. “They’re doing this to try and deflate the numbers. But the numbers are so good. It won’t matter. It’s not going to matter, and you’re going to see a number on November 1 — it’s GDP, a big deal. And the Atlanta Fed just said they think they project 35% [growth]. This is many times higher than any number in history, like 8%, maybe 9%. Thirty-five percent because we’re coming back, and the reason we can do this is we set up such a strong foundation for the last three years.”

“We’re coming back, and we’re coming back stronger, and next year will be one of the best economic years we’ve ever had,” Trump continued. “But Biden would bury you in regulations, dismantle your police departments, dissolve our borders. You don’t have borders. You don’t have a country, right? Confiscate your guns — wants to get rid of your Second Amendment.”

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