NYPD Cop Saves Suicidal Queens Woman During Tropical Storm Fay

HAMPTON BAYS, NY - FEBRUARY 20: An NYPD officer arrives for the funeral service of fallen NYPD Detective Brian Simonsen at the Church of St. Rosalie, February 20, 2019 in Hampton Bays, New York. Thousands of area police officers and law enforcement personnel attended the funeral. Simonsen was killed by …
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New York Police Officer Christopher Blom saved the life of a despairing Queens woman during Friday’s violent storm.

As Tropical Storm Fay’s torrential rain lashed every exposed surface across New York City, a woman wandered into the gray to end her life. NYPD Officer Christopher Blom was called from his patrol of Flushing, Queens, to seek her out, after her family made a panicked call to the police for assistance.

The 16-year NYPD veteran found the presently unnamed 47-year-old woman not far from her residence. She sat in the passenger seat of her car with a gun in her hand, almost invisible despite the close proximity to her home. “Because of the storm it was hard to see [inside],” Blom told the Daily News on Sunday.

“She’s crying and below the window line you can see the gun,” Blom remembered. “I just froze for a moment. I was nervous, but I felt that I needed to help her because she was in distress.” Knowing he was standing adjacent to a literal life-or-death situation, Blom carefully tapped her window.

“Can I speak to you? If we can just talk, I would love to be able to help you,” Blom asked, in an attempt to gently draw her focus from the weapon. When she accepted the offer, Blom opened the driver side door and sat down behind the wheel. Minutes later, she was crying against his shoulder.

The woman relinquished the weapon soon after, agreeing to an evaluation at a nearby hospital. Blom waited for her to be taken aboard an ambulance, then promised to follow up and see that she was okay.  “Before she left, I tapped on the ambulance’s glass,” Blom said. “I waved at her and told her I’ll check in on her. She said ‘Thank you.‘”

And while such interventions are stressful, the officer focused on the joy he felt in saving a life. “Yesterday was very stressful, but after it was done I saw the looks on her family’s face and when she hugged me and said ‘Thank you’ I felt amazing,” Blom said. “Tomorrow can be a brand new day for her.”


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