Donald Trump Jr. Slams Howard Stern, Draws Similarity to Hillary Clinton

NEW YORK - JANUARY 9: Radio talk show host Howard Stern debuts his show on Sirius Satellite Radio January 09, 2006 at the network's studios at Rockefeller Center in New York City. (Photo by Getty Images)
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Donald Trump Jr. joined SiriusXM’s Jim & Sam Show on Thursday to respond to Howard Stern’s recent comments about President Donald Trump’s supporters.

Throughout the interview, Trump Jr. stated that many of those who were originally fans of Stern’s show were most likely “pretty big” Trump supporters and claimed that Stern “really wants to be loved” by the “politically-correct people that he used to hate.”

“It’s sort of disappointing,” Trump Jr. said. “I mean, I would think at least the sort of original Howard, I imagine most of those blue-collar people that he now hates since he became ‘Hollywood Howard’ would’ve probably been pretty big Trump supporters.”

Trump Jr. also likened Stern’s recent comments and actions to that of former Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

Trump Jr. said:

I remember the original Stern show, watching it and listening to it for years … When he went off the air, the regular air, he had like a top 10 all-time series that he did and Donald Trump was two of those top 10s. Now he has Hillary Clinton on as a guest, so it’s sort of a pretty big fall.

But it is just like Hillary. He’s acting like Hillary… What probably cost her some of the election was calling half the country ‘deplorables’ for wanting to support someone who was going to get things done for them, and he did, so it’s pretty disappointing to see.

In April, Stern made the claim that Trump “despises” his supporters and later suggested that his supporters should “take an injection of Clorox” and “drop dead.”

“I don’t know if he just got a taste of Hollywood when he went on the TV show and all of a sudden the establishment sort of politically-correct people that he used to hate, now he really wants to be loved by them,” Trump Jr. continued.

In response to Stern’s claim that Trump “hates his own base,” Trump Jr. said, “Yeah, that’s total bullshit.”

Trump Jr. concluded:

The reality is this: my dad was able to do what he did when he won this election by being able to relate to those guys. I imagine it’s Stern trying to grab some attention. There’s a lot of other people … that took his model and are frankly just doing it much better now, so I think it’s probably just trying to grab headlines.

Trump Jr. also noted his father’s work over the years and discussed how he worked with blue-collar workers and “gave them a chance.”

“Donald Trump was a better developer and built a brand because he spent time talking to those guys,” Trump Jr. said. “There’s a reason why you see guys within our company, even today, they started off as construction guys, started off as drivers, and they’re like executives because he gave them a chance.”

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