Watch: Former Democrat Outside Rally Credits Trump with Coming Off Food Stamps

A former Democrat outside of the President Trump rally in Las Vegas, Nevada, spoke to Breitbart News about his support for the president, opposition to open borders, and his journey off of food stamps, for which he credits President Trump.

Breitbart News’s Matt Perdie spoke to a number of Trump supporters ahead of President Trump’s highly anticipated rally in Las Vegas, including former Democrat Moses Flores, who said he walked away from the Democrat Party “for the sake of our border” and credited Trump for his ability to come off food stamps and Medicaid.

“The economy is getting better,” Flores, who moved from El Paso, Texas, to Las Vegas told Breitbart News. “I actually, I started off rough three years ago. I was on food stamps and Medicaid. Now, I get to say this is the second year I’m off food stamps and Medicaid, and I pay for my own insurance.”

“And you do think that Trump was the reason for that?” Breitbart News asked.

“Yes,” Flores replied.

Flores emphasized the importance of a wall and attributed his urgency to the ongoing drug war, which he has witnessed up close.

“I’ve seen people get offered $10,000 to cross over a car with drugs in it before,” he explained, noting that some of the people who cross over illegally “have to bring drugs with them.”

“They don’t have a choice in it. If they deny to bring the drugs over, they get killed. Their family gets killed. So that’s why I support the wall,” he said.

He credited Candace Owens with inspiring him to finally leave the Democrat Party, noting that she “talks about people of color — that they think they have to support Democrats, which we do not.”

Flores also briefly spoke of the intolerance from the other side, telling Breitbart News that his wife was “cussed out” at work this week for expressing her support of Trump. According to Flores, his wife’s critics called her “stupid” and “dumb.”

“I don’t support racism. Yes, I’m just here to support the future of America and the future of my kids,” Flores said.


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