British American: In England, We’re Told Abortion ‘Is Somehow Merciful’ for Babies ‘with Birth Defects’

Children in England are often raised to believe that it is “somehow merciful to get rid of people with birth defects,” said Andrew Whitney, an American citizen originally from the U.K., sharing his commentary with Breitbart News during the 47th annual March for Life in Washington, DC, on Friday.

Transcript below.

This is a protest for people who can’t represent themselves. It’s absolutely atrocious in this day and age that this is still possible, and there’s just no excuse for it, anymore, and I think when people look back on this time — I mean, there have been a number of atrocious things in recent human history, obviously the Holocaust, obviously slavery — but, sad to say, those two things pale in comparison with the horror that is abortion, because if you look at the 60 million lives that have been ended since Roe v. Wade, and then you add the 400 million lives that have been ended in China thanks to the one-child policy — most of whom were probably women, obviously, because everyone wants that son and heir — it’s just absolutely horrific and on a scale unimaginable.

Unfortunately, the wheels have really come off the cart in the U.K. thanks to many years of terrible leadership over there and creeping immorality. It’s really, really sad to see. You have a situation over there, when you’re brought up in England, you’re almost given to believe it’s somehow merciful to get rid of people with birth defects and things like Down syndrome. You know, I grew up thinking that was normal, which is just absurd, now, upon reflection.

Something like 85 percent of children with Down syndrome are aborted in the U.K., these days. It’s less than 99 percent or whatever it is in Iceland, but that doesn’t make it good. It’s appalling, but this is the way people are raised. This is the way you’re taught over there, and it’s tremendously sad. It’s just godlessness, immoral, and pitiful, really.

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