Chuck Schumer: Trump Has ‘Lowest Character of any President We Have Ever Had’

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) joined SiriusXM’s Joe Madison Show on Thursday, where he discussed President Donald Trump’s comments about Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) and referred to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) as the “grim reaper.”

“You know and knew Congressman Dingell,” Madison said to Schumer. “You knew him, and I would be remiss if I didn’t ask you what you thought about President Trump’s comments yesterday from Battle Creek, Michigan.”

“At a time of solemnity, when he’s being accused of high crimes and misdemeanors, to be nasty, vulgar, and just lying shows the character of the man,” Schumer stated. “He has the lowest character of any president we have ever had.”

“In America, even when we disagreed with other people, they had some degree of high character,” Schumer added. “This man has none.”

Madison then shifted focus to impeachment and inquired about what the Senate trial is going to look like.

“Well, Joe, impeachment is one of the most solemn and serious moments for our country,” Schumer said. “The Constitution states the Senate shall have the power to try impeachments. And it’s an awesome power in the biblical sense, like the angels in awe of God. It’s awesome, and it’s the greatest check that Congress has on a president who breaks the law, who overreaches”:

If this trial is not conducted in a fair way, it is very likely that Donald Trump will overreach even more than he has until now and that future presidents could overreach even further. So it’s very, very serious and we, Democrats in the Senate, have come together on a very, very, simple proposition. The eyewitnesses to what is alleged by the House should come before us as witnesses and all the documents surrounding what happened in the House, which tell the story better than anything else should come before us.

Schumer also said he can “understand” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “frustration,” saying “she does not want to send the articles over if [Mitch] McConnell is just going to have a sham trial.”

Schumer then delved further into the topic of McConnell and referred to him as the “grim reaper.”

“There are 401 bills that the House has passed, serious bills: background checks for guns, voting rights for people, who are being deprived the right to vote,” Schumer said, adding, “health care so that we can get better health care and get lower costs of drugs, college — making college more affordable and increasing Pell Grants and things like that.”

“McConnell has not dared put one of them on the floor, nor has Trump, and Trump has applauded that,” Schumer added in frustration. “He is the grim reaper. You know what we call the Senate these days? The legislative graveyard — where good bills are sent over by the House, and, you know, we should debate them. We may not agree, but at least let’s debate them, amend them.”

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