Sean Spicer on DWTS: Message to Left Is Conservatives ‘Cannot Be Canceled Out’

Sean Spicer DWTS
Dancing With The Stars

Sean Spicer said he hopes his presence on Dancing with the Stars is continuing to send a powerful message to members of the intolerant left – that conservatives are “equal participants” and “cannot be canceled out” – during an appearance on Breitbart News Sunday.

Spicer, who – to the dismay of many on the left –advanced on DWTS last week, spoke to Washington Political Editor Matthew Boyle ahead of his Monday evening performance on the DWTS and reiterated the grassroots support from conservatives across the nation is continuing to send a message to the left: Conservatives “are equal participants, and we cannot be canceled out”:

“I really appreciate the support of Breitbart Nation, the listeners here on the Patriot Channel and obviously the readers,” Spicer said, noting that he has yet to find himself in the bottom two despite having “pretty close to the bottom judges’ scores.” Spicer said that speaks to the volume of support he is receiving from conservatives across the nation.

“It means that they’re carrying us pretty high up the ladder because we’re never in the bottom,” Spicer explained:

It’s the folks who are out there supporting us from the right and really are enjoying this success that we’re having. Because I’ve told you this before, but it’s not about me. It’s about we. It’s about making sure that people all around have their voices heard and just like the 2016 election, that we show them that people– everyone’s got a voice and we all should be able to participate in the process and system and have our voices heard.

Spicer’s advancement on the show last week bothered those on the left, many of whom expressed their dismay in angry social media posts. While the former White House Press Secretary is aware of their outrage, he tends to filter it out. The show is doing well despite the threat of boycotts, and “clearly there’s enough support for me,” Spicer explained.

“We’re over halfway through the show. We’ve had four eliminations, I’m still in the game. And that to me basically says that despite the loud voices on the left, there’s clearly enough support throughout the country to keep this thing going,” he said, adding that conservatives are sending a direct message to left-wing activists who push “cancel culture”:

What frustrates them I think, is when they do shout out “Cancel this person out. Don’t let them on. Don’t let them succeed” and then people vote. Because they don’t get it. They don’t understand where these votes coming from. “Who are these people who don’t agree with me or don’t think like I do?”

Spicer said the phenomenon is “actually the cool part” of the entire experience. He hopes his presence is making some of the loud voices on the left realize that they cannot cancel out conservative thought.

“I think that’s a great message to send. For all of those folks on the right– that we are equal participants and we cannot be canceled out,” Spicer said.

“Hopefully this is helping the overall movement and people realize– hey look you’re an advertiser, if you’re a show, there are a lot of active folks on the right that you should be paying attention to,” he added.

Viewers can vote for Spicer and Lindsay Arnold Monday evening between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. EST by texting SEAN to 21523 up to ten times and voting on up to ten times.


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