Fitton: Judicial Watch Expert Panel Discussion ‘Investigate the Investigators’

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Evan Vucci/Associated Press

I moderated a Judicial Watch panel of experts this week probing into the targeting of President Trump and the attacks on our Republican form of government through the illicit use of the spy agencies.

The panel also discussed the corruption at the FBI, corrupt handling of the Clinton email investigation, the Obama administration’s hand in the Russia investigation hoax, the Mueller probe, and other important topics.

It’s a sordid story, one we’ve fought to expose for three years.

With the collapse of the Mueller investigation, President Trump has been exonerated of the false accusations of collusion and obstruction with the Russians, the panel turned its attention to the politicization of Department of Justice and the intelligence community. This panel presentation is part of many efforts by your Judicial Watch to expose the full extent of Deep State attacks on our president and our republican form of government. Be sure to watch this special Judicial Watch video presentation, available here.

Here are a few highlights from my introduction of the panel:

  • Judicial Watch has nearly 50 lawsuits to expose this most massive corruption scandal in American History.
  • Without the pressure of these lawsuits, efforts to educate the American people on what has been going on would never take place otherwise.
  • Congress obviously has been defanged because they’re part of the problem now. The administration is facing internal pressure not to release key information about the misconduct of the Obama administration. Frankly, there are Trump administration officials who have continued the effort to overthrow the president.

Here are highlights of what Carter Page and former Trump campaign advisor – one of the targets of Deep State crimes – had to say:

  • All of the organizations on this panel, including Judicial Watch, were themselves illegally surveilled through the government’s collection of his communications with them.
  • Page said what the government did against him were acts of terrorism because the statutory definition of “terrorism” is “acts that are dangerous to human life,” and he received countless death threats associated with government’s actions again him. What the government was doing to him, he contended, was really about intimidating and coercing an innocent civilian for illegal ends.
  • Literally everything that was done against Page, he said, was an act in violation of the FBI’s official priorities: Protecting against terrorist attacks; protecting against foreign intelligence operations and espionage; protecting against cyber-based and high-tech crimes; combating public corruption at all levels; protecting civil rights.

Here are some highlights of what lawyer and former Justice Department official Victoria Toensing had to say:

  • George Papadopoulos was pursued to his Greek Island vacation destination and was set up by a man calling himself Charles Tawil, supposedly doing business in Israel, who convinced Papadopoulos to go to Israel where he was given $10,000 in cash as part of the supposed business deal. Papadopoulos did not take the money with him back to the United States. But, when he landed at Dulles Airport in Washington, he was arrested by the FBI, put in shackles and thrown in jail but because he did not have the cash with him.  The FBI “made up a crime” to charge him with.
  • Why was Andrew Weissmann, then the Justice Department official in charge of the fraud section before he joined the Mueller team, briefed on the Trump Dossier when the matter was out of his portfolio?
  • When then-head of the NSA, Admiral Mike Rogers, discovered all of the FISA court violations by the Obama administration since 2012, in April 2016, he cut off all access to NSA FISA material by FBI contractors. Is it then, Toensing asked, that the FBI suddenly started seeking FISA warrants on Carter Page and others directly from the FISA court?

Daily Caller News Foundation investigative reporter Chuck Ross said:

  • James Comey and then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch were discussing Carter Page in Spring 2016, before the FBI investigation Crossfire Hurricane kicked off.
  • FBI informer Stefan Halper met with Page three weeks before the FBI investigation began.
  • The Trump Dossier fueled the media narrative on Trump/Russia collusion.

Judicial Watch Director of Investigations and Research, Chris Farrell, observed:

  • Attorney General Barr aptly and appropriately described what was going on by the Justice Department and FBI during the coup attempt as “spying.”
  • The intelligence agencies were used in way that is “outrageously beyond the pale, like nothing else we’ve ever seen in the history of the United States Government.”
  • The FBI and intelligence agencies were so far out of bounds that when what was going on is described as a coup, it is no exaggeration.  It was a coup ­– an effort to unseat the president and destabilize his administration.
  • This was very sophisticated, very well thought out, not just “lawfare” in the sense of using law enforcement and the legal system, department of justice – justice and FBI, but also the intelligence apparatus like we’ve never seen before.

As I said to the panelists, no one else in American history has been targeted like this president. That’s not a political statement; that’s a fact. It ought to be concerning to any American who wants a Republican form of government – as opposed to a government run by political appointees and bureaucrats who think they know better than the American people in terms of who gets to be president and how they exercise their power and authority. Stay tuned for more as your Judicial Watch continues to investigate the investigators.


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