***Live Updates*** Trump Holds Montana Rally

US state left with one abortion clinic for 6 million residents

President Donald Trump will hold a Saturday afternoon rally in Montana for Republican Senate candidate Matt Rosendale and Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-MT).

This will be Trump’s fourth rally in Big Sky country this campaign season. Trump will hold another rally later this evening in Pensacola, Florida, as he barnstorms across the country ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.

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3:37 PM: Trump wraps up his Montana rally and will be heading to Pensacola to hold a rally on a night when he will not be the main event–all eyes will be on Death Valley when Alabama battles LSU, the school supposedly known as “DBU.”

3:35 PM: Trump asks Montanans to send cryin’ Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters, and the radical Democrats a message on Tuesday.

3:31 PM: Trump says Democrats want to turn back the clock, take America back and give power back to the ruling class that only cares about itself and power. Trump asks the crowd to vote for Republicans to continue the “greatest movement the country has ever seen.” Trump says Republicans will defend religious liberty, the right to free speech, and appoint judges who will follow the Constitution as it is written.

3:30 PM: Trump talks about withdrawing the U.S. from the Iran Nuclear Deal and imposing the biggest sanctions the country has ever placed on another country.

3:20 PM: Trump now mocks Obama’s “magic wand” remarks about manufacturing and talks about how manufacturing jobs are coming back “like you wouldn’t believe” all across the U.S. Trump talks about the USMCA — he says just think about the song “YMCA” and to start dancing because that’s how good the trade deal is.

3:16 PM: Trump says the country would have been in a depression if Democrats were still in charge. “We were going down,” he claims. He blasts the “fake news” media like MSNBC, CNN, etc… he says they should give him one good story out of 10. He says MSNBC is “worse than CNN” and criticizes cable news for blasting him for talking about immigration instead of the economy.

Trump says the crowd starts “dwindling off” if he starts regurgitating economic stats. So he wants to talk about some of the country’s problems like illegal immigration. He says Democrats will not allow him to change the dumb immigration laws.

3:13 PM: Trump says he’s “had it” with Central American countries not doing enough to stop migrants from coming to the U.S. while receiving millions in aid. He says illegal immigration is also a “women’s issue” because women want security. Trump says “Mexico is trying” but “we’re different” because “we have our military on the border.”

3:12 PM: “This movement got in their way,” Trump says of the Dems’ left-wing agenda that “came from hell.”

3:10 PM: Trump says Democrats want to sign up illegal immigrants for free health care, welfare… and the right to vote… because that is how they will stay in power forever.

“We need to use our precious resources to help Americans who follow our laws, not to reward illegal aliens who break into our country and break our laws,” Trump says.

He says Dems’ policies on illegal immigration emboldens human trafficking and drug traffickers.

3:05 PM: Trump says the “socialist takeover of health care” is at the top of the Dems’ agenda if they take back Congress. Trump says Republicans will protect Medicare for seniors who “earned it” and “paid for it.” Trump says Republicans will protect preexisting conditions and wishes people would get that in their heads.

3:01 PM: Trump says he’s having so much fun because “we’re all winning together.” He praises Gianforte and says his opponent is a “left-wing radical” who wants to raise taxes and “eliminate your borders.” Gianforte thanks Trump for giving us hope again…Trump says Gianforte is respected in DC and Rosendale will be once he gets to Washington.

2:56 PM: Trump now calls up Rosendale, who says Tester has had 12 years to fix the VA and “he has failed us.”

Rosendale says Tester “must think we’re a bunch of fools.” He says Tester doesn’t work with Trump at all on every major issue like tax cuts, the wall, and Supreme Court justices. He blasts Tester for supporting Planned Parenthood and says he is proud to defend life.

“Tester has been too wrong for too long,” Rosendale says. “Montana is Trump country. Not Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi country.”

2:55 PM: THE GREAT BRENT MUSBURGER (Montana native) weighs in…you are looking live….

2:51 PM: Trump says Tester says one thing in Montana and says something else in DC.

2:49 PM: Trump says Tester says wonderful things about Trump but he will never vote with him. He blasts Trump for trying to destroy Admiral Ronny Jackson.

“I’ve never forgotten it,” Trump says. He admits that’s why he has been in Montana so much. It’s personal to him.

2:47 PM: Trump says a vote for Matt Rosendale is a vote for low taxes, strong borders, and real Montana values.

2:46 PM: Trump praises Sen. Steve Daines (R-MT) and calls him a good friend. Trump says he asks Daines to have his daughter have a “historic wedding” in DC during the Kavanaugh hearings and says Daines would have come back to Washington if he needed his vote.

2:45 PM: Trump warns Democrats want caravan after caravan to flood into the country and deplete the country’s resources.

“There’s some bad hombres in that group,” Trump says. He says now they have “worse caravans being formed.”

Trump says Democrats only believe in defending borders of foreign countries but don’t want to defend our borders.

“Republicans believe we must defend our borders,” Trump says.

2:40 PM: Trump again talking about coal. He says when there is a national emergency, there is nothing like coal. He says the windmills “kill all the birds” and “don’t work too well” when the wind doesn’t blow.

He now says the steel industry is “booming” and says when the country needs steel, it can’t rely on “garbage steel.”

2:35 PM: Crowd cheers as Trump talks about confirming Justice Brett Kavanaugh. Trump blasts Tester for voting against Kavanaugh. Trump talks about one of Kavanaugh’s false accusers who never met Kavanaugh. “It was a made up story. She made up the story. It was a total lie. It was fake,” Trump emphatically says. “She lied about the story. About rape… She lied.” Trump gives Kavanaugh credit for “sticking it out” after talking about how he did not fold as well.

Trump says “you people knew what was going on” but what Tester did was “terrible.” “What Democrats did to him was terrible,” Trump continues. He warns the crowd abot Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Maxine Waters getting power and sticking together.

2:31 PM: Trump says business confidence, consumer confidence, and “every sort of confidence” is at record or near-record highs. Trump says West Virginians like the mines also and asks, “who makes better coal?” Trump says leaders of foreign countries “love our coal.”

2:30 PM: Trump touts the strong jobs numbers and says 4.5 million new jobs have been created since election day. He says Democrats will take a “wrecking ball” to everything his administration has accomplished if they get back in power. He talks about the record-low unemployment numbers for people of color. Trump now lashes out at those who try to blame Russia for all of his successes/accomplishments.

2:25 PM: Raucous reception for Trump.

“If crowds mean anything, we’re going to have a great Tuesday,” Trump says. Tells Montanans he’s back as promised. He promises Rosendale will go to the Senate in three days.

2:20 PM: Air Force One has touched down and the rally will get started soon in Belgrade, Montana.


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