Exclusive—Republican Matt Rosendale: Jon Tester Invented the Smear Tactics Used Against Brett Kavanaugh

Jon Tester, Brett Kavanaugh
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Montana state auditor and Senate Republican candidate Matt Rosendale told Breitbart News Saturday that Sen. Jon Tester (D-MT) “invented” the character assassination tactics used during the Senate confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle noted that President Donald Trump will host a campaign rally for Rosendale and other Montana Republican candidates in Belgrade, Montana, to unseat Tester in the U.S. Senate.

Rosendale told Breitbart News Saturday that President Trump “recognizes that this is a seat that we absolutely have an opportunity to flip from a very liberal Democrat, Jon Tester, and we got all of the conditions and the trajectory setting to be victorious on Tuesday. As long, as you stated earlier, everybody needs to turn out and vote.”

Rosendale then turned to the Supreme Court, noting that Tester has opposed both of President Trump’s Supreme Court nominees, Judges Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh.

“He’s opposed Gorsuch, he opposed Brett Kavanaugh and participated in the character assassinations that the Democrats had reverted to and just not the kind of person that represents the values of the people of Montana,” the Montana conservative charged.

This week Sen. Tester said that Senate Democrats “botched” the strategy regarding the confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. On Friday, one woman who accused Kavanaugh of raping her admitted that she made up the accusation against the Supreme Court nominee.

Boyle noted that Tester was not merely part of the Democrats’ smear campaign against Kavanaugh, but rather helped designed the strategy when he tanked the nomination of Donald Trump’s personal physician Admiral Ronnie Jackson to serve as the Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

Rosendale charged, “Jon Tester literally invented this tactic of character assassination when he released a bunch of false information about Admiral Ronnie Jackson.”

The Montana Republican said that Jackson ”served three administrations honorably and president trump nominated him to run the Veterans Affairs, and Jon Tester released a bunch of information that was proven to be false just merely to perform this smear campaign.”

“He invented the smear campaign and Dianne Feinstein perfected it. She came out and used the same technique and the tactics to try and destroy Brett Kavanaugh,” Rosendale continued. “Thank goodness, president Trump had the courage to stand up there with his man and thank goodness the U.S. Senate Republicans had the courage to continue to confirm him, and honestly thank goodness Brett Kavanaugh and his family had the strength and the faith to endure all of that and stay in there so that he could help our country.”

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