Economic Patriotism: GOP Voters Vastly Support Trump’s Aid to U.S. Farmers

American Farmer poll farm
AP Photo/Sue Ogrocki

Republican voters are vastly supportive of President Trump’s recent move to give $12 billion in federal aid to American farmers who have been targeted by the trade practices of China.

In a new CBS News/YouGov Poll, nearly 80 percent of Republican voters said they support the Trump administration’s decision to give economic relief to U.S. farmers whose goods have been hit with retaliatory tariffs from China, designed to hurt the American industry.

Only 22 percent of Republican voters said they opposed the economic aid to U.S. farmers.

(CBS News) 

The poll reveals yet again that there is little support for economic libertarianism within the Republican Party. Though a majority GOP lawmakers continue to demand free trade and an end to tariffs on imported foreign-made products, Republican voters are increasingly economic nationalists.

In the latest Harvard/Harris Poll, 83 percent of Republican voters say they support tariffs on imported products like automobiles and electronics. Additionally, 81 percent of conservatives said they too supported tariffs, along with 61 percent of Americans living in rural communities.

A Morning Consult Poll conducted in July revealed that nearly half of Republican voters believe the U.S. has benefitted the least from the country’s current free trade deals like NAFTA and KORUS. Additionally, a plurality of Republicans — 46 percent — said the U.S. economy benefits more from imposing tariffs on foreign-made goods to protect domestic industries, while only 30 percent said the U.S. economy benefits more from lowering trade barriers and entering into free trade deals.

As Breitbart News reported, California farmers said they appreciate Trump’s aid to their industry as the administration battles China for fair trade.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.


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