Media Fail: Plurality See Comey Book as ‘Politically Motivated Attack’ on Trump

Federal Bureau of Investigation Director James Comey testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee in the Dirksen Senate Office Building on Capitol Hill December 9, 2015 in Washington, DC. Comey was questioned about the mass shootings in San Bernardino and Paris, the ability of people on the so-called 'no fly list' …
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A plurality of voters, a full 42 percent, believe that the book written by disgraced former FBI Director James Comey is a “politically motivated attack on the president,” according to a poll released by Rasmussen Reports.

Despite glowing press coverage 24/7 over the last week, an anemic 40 percent believe Comey’s book is an “accurate portrayal of his dealings with Trump.” Nineteen percent remain undecided.

This terrible number comes on the heels of a poll from earlier this week that showed a plurality of 46 percent want Comey prosecuted for leaking classified information.

In other words, a plurality of voters see Comey as a dishonest, partisan hack — which is the exact opposite of the image he and his media are desperately trying to craft. This is a massive failure, not only on Comey’s part, but on the media’s part. Since Trump fired him, both Comey and the media have been trying to shape him into a victim, into the last honest man in DC, into a selfless hero.

We the people are obviously too smart to buy that. We are also not all that interested in buying his book.

Rasmussen also reports that only 36 percent of those polled are even “somewhat likely” to read Comey’s book, while 60 percent said they are unlikely to read it.

While Comey’s book is currently a number one seller on Amazon, there is anecdotal evidence it will flame out fast.

Comey’s biggest problem with public perception is that he does not wear well. He is obviously a man who is writing himself into his own story as the hero. Overall, though, he comes off as sanctimonious and insecure, a small, awkward and petty man hiding in a tall man’s body.

His book was supposed to contain the smoking gun proving Trump should be impeached, instead it is full of petty attacks on Trump’s appearance, self-aggrandizing, and holier-than-thou sermonizing from lifelong bureaucrat who leaked classified information and promoted partisan snakes like Andrew McCabe, who is now in serious legal jeopardy.

Moreover, Comey stupidly admitting that he re-opened the Clinton email investigation based on political considerations, based on his belief she would win the presidency and this was his way to remove a cloud over an incoming president’s head, beggars belief. Worse still is the news that Comey informed Trump about the most embarrassing parts of the Russian dossier without informing him that the dossier was created by the Clinton campaign!

It is also becoming more and more clear that the only reason Comey even bothered to brief Trump on this unverified nonsense was to set the president up. Comey knew his briefing (the news of which was immediately leaked to CNN anti-Trump activist Jake Tapper — who was probably standing by in cahoots) would magically turn a phony memo into legitimate news. It was all a set-up to allow the far-left CNN to report on a dossier they had been dying to report on, which in turn allowed the far-left BuzzFeed to release the full contents of  lies funded by Hillary Clinton.

Comey’s biggest problem is that none of his so-called revelations back up his rhetoric. He undoubtedly hates President Trump, probably for firing him, but nothing he details in his book, his interviews, or even in those classified memos that were finally released to the public, justify his hatred or Robert Mueller’s stupid investigation.

The public knows a witch hunt based on a nothingburger when they see one, and in Comey the public sees, not a man of integrity, but a petty bureaucrat with an inflated opinion of himself looking to get rich off of the media’s abiding Trump hatred.

Comey will only be remembered as a footnote, and a ridiculous one at that.

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