Parkland School Shooting Survivor: We Need Government Control, Not Gun Control

Kyle Kashuv
Fox News

During the March 26 airing of The Story with Martha MacCallum, Parkland school shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv said that we need government control rather than gun control.

He did this by stressing that the Parkland attack did not result from a lack of gun laws but a failure of government to do its job.

Martha MacCallum pointed out that the speakers at Saturday’s march preached gun control while omitting any mention of the myriad government agency failures that may have contributed to the occurrence of the Parkland school shooting. She said, “When you think about all the different places that failed, starting with Sheriff Scott Israel, with the FBI, with the local police who had been to this house 29 times, I didn’t hear any of that this weekend during these very forceful demonstrations.”

Kashuv responded:

Gun control won’t solve this issue. We’ve seen that we have to hold our government accountable, we have to. The main reason why school shootings continuously happen is that our government is not doing its job. It’s clear that when the government does do its job these shootings don’t occur.

MacCallum and Kashuv then talked back and forth about Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who is frequently lambasted by the student gun grabbers.

After standing up for Rubio, Kashuv returned to his central theme:

I did not see a single sign [at the march] that said, “Screw the Sheriff” or “Screw the Broward County’s Sheriff Office.” I did not see a single sign. We need to represent and we need to make sure that the government is held accountable. And we fail, we have to make sure that they are held accountable. We cannot allow the government to continuously fail and not enforce what it supposed to do.

Kashuv said we have to quit deflecting our anger and look at the “authoritative figures” who failed: “The FBI, and Sheriff Scott Israel, and the sheriff’s office, and the cowards of Broward, who did not do their job. They have to be the one’s getting the blame.”

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