Spraypainting, Window-Smashing Vandal Targets Boston-Area Trump Supporter Twice in Same Weekend

A vandal trashed a vehicle bearing pro-Trump messages in Somerville, Massachusetts.
Kim Tunnicliffe, WBZ/Twitter

A vandal targeted the home and vehicle of a Donald Trump supporter with spray paint and a blunt object twice this past weekend in Somerville, Massachusetts.

The man sported a “Make America Great Again” sign in a window at his home and a bumpersticker supporting the president, along with a National Rifle Association decal, on a rear window of his truck.

The vandal smashed the front windshield of the Chevrolet truck and spraypainted “BLM,” an acronym for Black Lives Matter, on the hood. Paint on one side of the vehicle petitioned its owner to “F— My A– Trump F—er.” The front windshield displayed a common compound-word curse spelled incorrectly. The name “Bernie” appears on the front bumper.

On the man’s home, the vandal obscured the Trump “Make America Great Again” 2016 campaign sign with spraypaint. He also wrote the words, “Trump Is Next” on the house.

The property crime victim says that he believes that he caught the perpetrator of Saturday morning’s vandalism doing much of the same last month.

“First time I caught him, he was in the back of the truck and I called him a little girl and that’s why he came back,” Marty Tompkins told Boston 25 News. “Second time he only broke the windshield and wrote on it with a magic marker and this time he came back for a paint job.”

The man said the repairs come at his expense. Somerville News Weekly reports that the Secret Service, because of the menacing message painted on the house, has been notified.

Democrats outnumber Republicans in Somerville by 14 to 1, so displaying “Make America Great Again” signage comes at some risk in the rapidly gentrifying suburb of Boston. Hillary Clinton beat Donald Trump by a larger proportion than Donald Trump beat Jill Stein in Somerville. Clinton received 83 percent of the city’s votes, Trump 10 percent, and Stein two percent. Despite threats by the Trump administration to withhold federal funds, the densely-populated urban enclave bordering Charlestown and Cambridge remains a sanctuary city, a designation it first proclaimed in 1987.


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