Amnesty Advocates ‘Storm’ Capitol Hill Offices for No-Strings Amnesty

Neil Munro, Breitbart News

Pro-amnesty groups led hundreds of local students and many illegal immigrants to a Senate office building on Thursday where they held a raucous demonstration demanding Congress pass a no-strings amnesty which would allow roughly 3 million illegals to stay in the United States, vote in elections, and import their foreign relatives.

“Yesterday we took over the nation’s Capitol, made our voices heard, and demanded Congress pass a clean #DreamActNOW before the end of this year –  a path to citizenship with permanent protection and no dangerous enforcement add-ons,” according to message posted by United We Dream — the union-backed organization that organized the protest — on its Twitter account.

The group is described on the account as the “first and largest youth-led organization in the nation,” which included in its protests in several states and D.C. students who were allowed to leave campus and take part in the events.

@unitedwedream Students walked out of class and into the Senate building to chant and demand #DreamActNOW #HereToStay,” UWD tweeted.

Although no official count on the number of protestors is available, estimates ranged from hundreds to the 2,000. The UWD group says other protests pushed the number of up to 8,000.

“Over 8,000 immigrant youth take over nation’s Capitol and walkout from schools in CA, TX, OK, D.C., MD, VA,” UWD tweeted.

The talking points of the protesters and those that support amnesty for the young illegal aliens who have been protected for deportation and been given work permits under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, including members of Congress, want a “clean” Dream Act.

By “clean,” the amnesty advocates and illegal aliens mean that no other stipulations be included in the bill that would, for example, limits on chain migration.

“Dream Act is urgent — 7,901 People have already lost DACA since September 5th,” the Twitter account states.

Some arrests — welcomed by protesters — took place when they filled the lobby of the Hart Senate Building on Thursday.

Democrats legislators welcomed the demonstration, but none of them addressed the impact of the mass-immigration on American youth, as reported by Breitbart News. The article listed 14 things the mainstream media won’t report on about DACA, including jobs lost by Americans, lawbreaking by parents of DACA recipients, crime by immigrants, and the creation of new incentives for more illegal immigration.


Left-wing groups and various activists also amplified the call for a no-strings amnesty:



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