Exclusive–ForAmerica President David Bozell: Eight Examples of Democrats’ Racism, Misogyny and Intolerance in 2016 Campaign

Paul Marotta/Getty Images

The president of the nine million member ForAmerica, a popular culture website and public education organization, tells Breitbart News he is disgusted by the treatment in the media of Stephen Bannon, a top adviser to President-elect Donald Trump.

“Since Trump’s announcement of Steve Bannon as senior White House adviser this week, the mainstream media has heaped near universal condemnation on him,” David Bozell tells Breitbart News. “These attacks expose the blatant double standard from a media who for the last eight years have shielded the White House and Democrats from similar attacks.”

Bannon has been accused of being racist, xenophobic, misogynistic and anti-Semitic, said the ForAmerica president. “Hypocrites in the media have shielded Democrats from similar accusations.”

“Who the hell are the Democrats, including the media, and Harry Reid to lecture the President-elect on his staff appointments? ” Bozell asked.

Here are Bozell’s eight examples of the media’s protection racket for Democrats:

  • The left, including the media, were silent when the Democratic nominee held a concert with celebrity supporters dropping the N-word.
  • The left, including the media, were silent when celebrity Hillary supporter, Nicki Minaj, called Trump supporters ni**ers and Melania Trump “a brainless bitch.”
  • The left, including the media, were silent when comedian and celebrity Hillary supporters celebrated the killing of Jesus, offered sexual favors in exchange for Hillary votes, made racists statements about Hispanics and blacks.
  • The left, including the media, were silent when abortionist Kermit Gosnell murdered infants who were born alive.
  • The left, including the media, were silent when undercover videos of Planned Parenthood officials revealed they were selling baby parts for a profit.
  • The left, including the media, remain silent about a member of the anti-Semitic Muslim Brotherhood running to lead the Democrat National Committee.
  • The left, including the media, are silent when President Obama’s atrocious Iran deal threatens Israel, our closest ally, every day.
  • The left political construct, including the media, are chock-full of race-baiting hypocrites. Nobody is falling for the left’s holier-than-thou lectures.


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