Mike Pence on Eve of Election Day: ‘This Is No Ordinary Time in Our Nation’

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and vice presidential nominee Governor Mike Pence hold their final campaign rally on Election Day in the Devos Place November 8, 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Trump's marathon last day of campaigning stretched past midnight and into Election Day.

GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan — Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence told a midnight crowd in Michigan, “This is no ordinary time in our nation” and that Election Day was the American people’s opportunity to put an end to “decades of Clinton corruption” and to create American jobs by voting Donald Trump for president.

“I believe this country’s in a lot of trouble,” the Indiana governor said. “We walked away from a job that we love in a state we love to stand by this man, because this is no ordinary time in our nation.” He added later in his speech, “the choice in this election is, like Ronald Reagan said, up or down.”

Pence was impressed with the late-night crowd, saying “how cool is it to see all of you out after midnight.” He was officially addressing America on Election Day itself.

“Pay-to-Play politics are going to come to a crashing halt when Trump is elected president of the United Staes,” Pence said. “This is a choice between two futures. I choose the stronger America. I choose a prosperous America. I choose an America that cherishes and upholds our highest constitutional liberties.”

With the passing of Justice Scalia, the fate of the Supreme Court is in the balance. He said a Clinton presidency would usher in “unelected judges using unaccountable power to legislate from the bench. But with Trump, you will have a Supreme Court that will strictly construe the Constitution of the United States of America.”

Pence added, “we have to decide that the next president to make appointments to the Supreme Court of the United States will be President Donald Trump.”

“I hope Michigan wises up finally,” Mary told Breitbart News, adding her belief that the state’s Democrats are “a bunch of very not intelligent people.” Mary said her small businesses had suffered tremendously over the past six years and were voting for Trump because he and Pence are looking to revive commerce in the United States.

Pence urged a renegotiation of trade deals so that business sent abroad will be brought back to America, calling for jobs “that work for the American worker first.”

“I think it will be a landslide,” Dan told Breitbart News. “They’re lying about the polls,” he suggested of the mainstream media. Dan was at the Michigan rally with his niece.

“Trump isn’t a perfect guy, but I think he’s God’s man,” Dan said. “He’s going to win tomorrow. Trump is like a Sampson that wasn’t perfect. Hillary is like a Jezebel. She’s very, very evil.”

Dan’s comments would not be the first Biblical reference to Trump and Clinton. During a rally in West Hollywood  — where Trump is technically “banned” — at the end of last month, a different Trump supporter said, “Donald Trump is [King] Cyrus in the Bible” and also suggested that Clinton “has the spirit of Jezebel on her. And it’s not for the betterment of our nation. In fact, it’s going to corrupt our nation.”

Pence noted, “I’m with Abraham Lincoln on this one,” relating a story about a man who asked Lincoln if he thought God was on his side. “Lincoln responded and said, ‘I think we should be more concerned with whether we are on God’s side.'”

He said God “will hear from heaven and he will heal this land. This one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

Darcy, a registered nurse who was at Monday night’s rally with her special needs son Andrew, told Breitbart News that if Clinton wins the election, “our country’s in some big trouble.” She added that if such a scenario should take place, “I would seriously question the validity of it. When you see the number of people that turn out for him and when you see the numbers that turn out for her, it doesn’t make a lot of sense.”

Some families brought their children to participate in the final rally, which spilled over into election day. “I’m gonna keep on praying, really hard, that they win,” Dan said.

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