WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton Urged to ‘Aggressively and Visibly’ Depict GOP as Anti-Birth Control

AP Photo/Charles Dharapak
AP Photo/Charles Dharapak

Emails from the account of Hillary Clinton’s current campaign manager John Podesta, courtesy of WikiLeaks, show that in November of 2015, The Hill columnist and former Democrat aide Brent Budowsky urged Podesta to have Hillary Clinton “level a political nuclear blast” against a Supreme Court decision that would end the HHS contraceptive mandate in Obamacare.

In true “war on women” fashion, Budowsky urged Clinton to depict Republicans as wanting to take away women’s birth control, even though –without Obamacare – birth control is widely available for as little as under $10 per month.

He wrote:

I would suggest HRC level a political nuclear blast, ASAP, against a Supreme Court decision that could come in June that would end the contraceptive mandate in ObamaCare. Case is now pending. This is going to be explosive with women voters as they understand what could happen, with a huge majority of women strongly supporting contraceptives.

The line is that the current court could put contraceptives under siege, or if contraceptives prevail in the pending case 5-4 a Republican president would name one of more justices, if they have a vacancy or two, who would go after contraceptives.

Interestingly, Budowsky also admits there are many women who do not support abortion, a fact that the abortion industry and groups such as Planned Parenthood attempt to sweep under the rug.

He continues:

This is different than the abortion issue. Women overwhelmingly support contraceptives emotionally and in large majorities, and men also support contraceptives, and this includes a large majority of Catholic women and men and moderate evangelicals.

My advice is HRC raise this issue soon, aggressively and visibly. If possible before the coming Republican debate. This is a powerful, powerful issue.

The real religious issue is that the right wants to impose its sectarian view of religion on all Americans on contraceptives. A huge and emotional majority would agree with HRC on contraceptives and the sooner and stronger she raises this issue, the better, IMO. Brent

During the 2012 presidential debates, former Clinton operative and debate moderator George Stephanopoulos introduced a non-existent issue of whether a Republican president would want to take away women’s birth control.

“If you go back to the previous presidential debates, many people have brought up that the whole questioning about birth control was originated as a campaign theme by Stephanopoulos and there’s questions about whether that was done in coordination with Democrats,” Republican Sen. Rand Paul (KY) said subsequently. “It’s always hard to have someone be perceived as an objective arbiter on a debate if they spent most of their life as a partisan.”


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