Senate Vote on Gun Control Expected Monday

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The Senate is expected to vote on a number of gun control measures Monday, all of which are in response to the June 12 Orlando terror attack.

One of the measures is an amendment put forward by Senators Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) and Ted Cruz (R-TX), and the others are a smattering of gun controls put forward by Democrats and Republicans alike, all of which revolve around the terror watch list and background checks.

According to Politico, the amendment put forward by Grassley and Cruz “would add mental health considerations to background checks.” This would not have stopped the Orlando attacker from acquiring his guns, as NBC News reports that he was given a mental evaluation in 2007, which he passed for his position with G4S Security Solutions.

BBC News reports that the other gun control proposals scheduled for a vote Monday revolve around background checks and the terror watch list. They include “a bill to ban suspects on terrorism watch lists from buying guns, a bill that would allow the US Attorney General to delay a gun purchase by a known or suspected terrorist, but law enforcement would need to determine the charge within three days, and a bill that would alert the FBI of terrorism suspects who have purchased a gun, without blocking the purchase outright.”

A bill to expand background checks to cover all sales at gun shows has also been proposed, although Omar Mateen did not buy his guns at a gun show. He bought them at a retail store after passing a background check and submitting to a waiting period for the handgun.

Breitbart News previously reported that Vice President Joe Biden is calling for an all-out ban on “civilian ownership” of “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines.

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