Trump: ‘I’ll Apologize to Pocahontas’ for Comparing Her to Elizabeth Warren

Pocahantas and Elizabeth warren - AP Nick Wass

GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump has no regrets for calling Sen. Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” and intends to keep using the term, along with “Goofy Elizabeth,” to describe the far-left senator from Massachusetts.

Trump did, however, offer an apology on Saturday at a Tampa campaign rally attended by 7,000.

“I’ll apologize to Pocahontas” for comparing her to Elizabeth Warren, he told the delighted crowd.

On Thursday, Warren called Trump a “loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud,” perhaps not the best use of words from a woman whose own claims of Native American heritage are demonstrably false.

“Pocahontas is at it again! Goofy Elizabeth Warren, one of the least productive U.S. Senators, has a nasty mouth. Hope she is V.P. choice,” Trump tweeted on Friday.

Later that day, Trump again criticized Warren, tweeting, “2004 VIDEO: Pocahontas describing Crooked Hillary Clinton as a Corporate Donor Puppet. Time for change!”

NBC News asked Trump “if he had any regrets about his comments,” after his tweets attacking Warren on Friday.

“None whatsoever,” Trump responded.

At the Tampa event on Saturday, Trump took another swipe at Warren:

She said she’s Native American. And I said Pocahontas, it’s Pocahontas. And somebody said to me, one of the media, ‘Mr. Trump would you apologize?’ I said, yes, I’ll apologize to Pocahontas. I will apologize because Pocahontas is insulted by the statement.

Late Saturday, Trump hit Warren again, tweeting, “Goofy Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas, pretended to be a Native American in order to advance her career. Very racist!”

On Friday, Warren met with Hillary Clinton in Washington, D.C., fueling speculation she may be under consideration as a pick for vice president.

The mainstream media seems to be unaware that Warren has been the subject of ridicule for more than four years, when she first advanced the false claims of Native American heritage publicly while on the campaign trail in her race for the U.S. Senate seat then held by Sen. Scot Brown.

ABC News, for instance, reported this on Saturday:

Warren has previously claimed that part of her heritage includes Native American ancestry. Some have criticized Trump for nicknaming her Pocahontas, saying it is offensive.

But voters in Massachusetts know that Trump was not the first to pin the nickname “Pocahontas” on Senator Warren.

“‘Pocahontas’ is actually one of the milder nicknames for her — in Massachusetts she’s also known as ‘Fauxcahontas,’ ‘Lieawatha’ and ‘Chief Spreading Bull,’ not to mention ‘Granny,’ after her uncanny resemblance to the Irene Ryan character in ‘The Beverly Hillbillies,'” Boston talk radio king Howie Carr tells Breitbart News.

“She’s not just a fake Indian either, she’s a plagiarist,” Carr adds.

“In 2012, I discovered that she’d contributed two so-called family recipes to a Cherokee cook book, ‘Pow Wow Chow.’ The recipes were direct lifts from Pierre Franey, the New York Times’ haute-cuisine French gourmet chef. One of them was for cold crab omelette — apparently because crabs were so available on the Trail of Tears back in the 19th century,” Carr says.

The Washington Post headline on Friday blared “Trump’s ‘Pocahontas’ attack leaves fellow Republicans squirming (again),” but even the Post acknowledged that Warren has never proven her claims of Native American heritage.

“Apparently the mainstream media are less concerned by the fact that a rich white woman grabbed not one but two tenured faculty Ivy League positions that were reserved for members of minority groups than they are by the fact that Donald Trump is calling her out on her breathtaking hypocrisy and lack of ethics,” Howie Carr tells Breitbart News.

Warren was appointed professor of law at the University Pennsylvania Law School in 1987, was a visiting professor at Harvard Law School during the 1992-1993 academic year, and accepted a full time position there in 1995.

“Imagine the uproar and scandal if a Republican had done what Pocahontas did — twice!” he adds.

One clever person purchased the domain name and pointed it to Senator Warren’s web page.

During the 1980s and throughout the 1990s, Warren repeatedly claimed that she had Native American heritage, a fact that her employers incorporated in their reporting to the federal government about their “diversity.”

Harvard Law School relied upon those false claims, without bothering to verify them, when they in turn filed an inaccurate report with the federal government in the 1990s stating that they had a Native American woman (Warren) on their faculty.

As William Jacobson reported at Legal Insurrection in May 2012:

We now know (again last night after The Globe found documents) that Warren was listed for the 1992-1993 academic year as Native American in Harvard Law federal filings.
We now know that all these federal filings were false. There is no evidence that Elizabeth Warren is Native American, and substantial evidence she is not.
Making a false federal filing potentially was a crime. 18 U.S. Code § 1001 as it existed prior to 1996.

Warren also told the Harvard Women’s Law Review in 1993 that she was a “woman of color.”

As Breitbart News reported:

The Harvard Women’s Law Journal (since renamed the Harvard Journal of Law and Gender) in its Spring 1993 edition (Volume 16), lists Warren as one of approximately 250 “women of color” in legal academia.

Breitbart News has demonstrated in great detail that  there is no credible evidence to support Warren’s oft-told tale that she has Native American heritage, specifically, Cherokee.

There is, however, evidence that “Ms. Warren’s great-great-great grandfather, was apparently a member of the Tennessee Militia who rounded up Cherokees from their family homes in the Southeastern United States and herded them into government-built stockades in what was then called Ross’s Landing (now Chattanooga), Tennessee–the point of origin for the horrific Trail of Tears, which began in January, 1837.”

The false meme that originated in 2012 with sloppy reporting by the Boston Globe, which claimed Warren may have a great-great grandparent with Native American ancestry (the source of the false 1/32 heritage claim) utterly collapsed when Breitbart News proved the origin of that claim was in an error made in an amateur genealogist’s family newsletter.

As Breitbart News reported:

The slender thread upon which Elizabeth Warren’s claim that she is 1/32 Cherokee rests—a purported 1894 marriage license application—has been exposed as non-existent. Based on a review of the original marriage records found in the files of the Logan County, Oklahoma Court Clerk’s office in Guthrie, Oklahoma, and the statements of ReJeania Zmek, the Court Clerk of Logan County, Oklahoma, it is likely that the ephemeral 1894 marriage license application never existed.

John Hayward at Human Events summarized the merits of Warren’s Native American heritage claims succinctly.

“It’s official: Elizabeth ‘Fauxcahontas. Warren isn’t even 3 percent Cherokee,” he wrote.

Trump’s critics who claim his use of the nickname “Pocahontas” is offensive to Native Americans may be in for a surprise.

Some Native Americans are offended by the political controversy surrounding Warren’s Native American false claims of Native American heritage.

But they are offended by Warren, not Trump.

In fact, during Warren’s 2012 campaign for Senate in Massachusetts, a group of “concerned Cherokee descendants, and supporters,” including a genealogist, protested outside the Massachusetts Democratic Convention that Warren attended, and later tried to meet with her to obtain an apology for benefiting from her false claim she had their heritage:

A group that describes itself as “concerned Cherokee, descendants and supporters” is calling for a “peaceful protest outside of the Massachusetts Democratic Convention on Saturday, June 2nd.”

A Facebook user, Cherokee Solidarity, posted information about the planned peaceful protest on the Cherokees Demand Truth from Elizabeth Warren Facebook page this morning:

Call to Action

Please join concerned Cherokee, descendants and supporters for a peaceful protest outside of the Massachusetts Democratic Convention on Saturday, June 2nd at 10am at the corner of Main Street and State Street in Springfield, Massachusetts.

Massachusetts senate candidate Elizabeth Warren has thus far refused to acknowledge that her claims of being Cherokee have been proven false. She continues to perpetuate myth and stereotype regarding indigenous Peoples. Elizabeth Warren and others like her must understand OUR history belongs to us and no one has the right to try to rewrite it or make up fictitious stories so they can fit in it or take advantage of it. Only those who meet the requirements under Cherokee law should claim to be Cherokee. We hope to help educate the public on what is and is not true about our history and also why the false claims like Elizabeth Warren is making are harmful to the Cherokee people. Governor Deval Patrick’s recent support of her and his statement that this is a non-issue is an arrogant slap in the face and a direct attack on sovereignty and the Cherokee’s legal right to determine citizenship.

Warren refused to meet with this group of Native Americans, just as has she refused for more than four years to admit that she has no Native American heritage whatsoever.


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