Amb. Bolton Super PAC Releases Ads Backing Ayotte and Heck

Former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton speaks at the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City on Friday, May 22, 2015. (
AP/Alonzo Adams

Ambassador John Bolton’s Super PAC is launching independent expenditure campaigns aimed at helping the GOP maintain its Senate majority in November.

Digital ad campaigns are underway to boost Sen. Kelly Ayotte in her race for reelection in New Hampshire and Rep. Joe Heck’s campaign to replace retiring Sen. Harry Reid in Nevada.

Both races are pivotal in determining which party will control Congress’ upper chamber in November. Republicans currently enjoy a 5-seat majority, but are defending seats in several battleground states. Heck’s campaign in Nevada presents an important opportunity for Republicans to pick-up a Senate seat in November, insulating their majority from likely defeats elsewhere.

The Bolton Super PAC is spending $50k over the next two weeks to digitally deliver the ads to targeted “clusters” of voters in both states.

The ad backing Ayotte slams the Obama Administration over its plans to close the Guantamano Bay detention facility in Cuba housing enemy combatants captured in anti-terrorism efforts around the globe. The ad reminds voters that Ayotte’s opponent, New Hampshire Gov. Maggie Hassan, has supported Obama’s efforts to close the facility.

Public polling shows a toss-up race for the Senate seat in New Hampshire. Ayotte, who has focused a great deal of attention to national security issues, faces the state’s popular Democrat Governor, Hassan, in the perennial swing state. Ayotte first won election to the Senate in the GOP wave 2010 election.

The ad campaign supporting Heck in Nevada takes a different focus. The ad is heavy on Heck’s bio. He is running statewide for the first time, and the ad focuses on economic issues in the Silver State. Borrowing a page from Donald Trump, the GOP nominee’s playbook, the ad discusses the loss of American jobs to Mexico and China and tells voters they can “depend on” Joe Heck to stem this tide.

The ad buy in Nevada will also support Heck in his primary race to secure the GOP nomination. Nevada’s primaries for the US Senate are next week. Heck is battling 2010 GOP nominee Sharon Angle, and a host of other hopefuls. Heck is expected to win, however.

Democrats have a multi-candidate primary as well, although the state’s Attorney General Catherine Cortez Masto has the backing of most Democrat officials in the state.

The Bolton PAC is targeting 6-11 state this November and hopes to raise $20 million this election cycle, through its PAC, Super PAC and foundation. The Bolton Super PAC has already spent $500,000 this year on independent expenditures. Ambassador Bolton has also contributed more than $300k and endorsed 47 candidates through his PAC.

In 2014, the Bolton PACs endorsed 87 candidates in races across the country.


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