Ashton Kutcher Takes Veiled Shot at Trump Supporters: ‘It Hurts Me Inside’

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Actor Ashton Kutcher thinks supporters of Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump are being punk’d.

“It hurts me inside to watch people rally behind someone that stands in that way,” said Kutcher this week.

While not naming Trump directly, Kutcher sat next to his former That ‘70s Show, and current The Ranch co-star Danny Masterson for an interview on CNN’s website to complain about attitudes toward immigration in the U.S.

“It will not succeed, that pursuit will not succeed in our country” said Kutcher, as Masterson sat quietly.

The actor added:

And the people that are rallying behind this individual are people that are being bamboozled and they’re actually just so disenfranchised with a government that has been in gridlock for so long that they want to support something that they feel is different, not something they feel is right. It’s my belief that people that have a greater enlightenment about the fact that this world is only held up by the notion that we’re all in it together… That ideology will be the ideology that wins.

Kutcher has been pro-immigration and anti-Trump on Twitter over the years.

The actor has also posted in support of the U.S. allowing in Syrian refugees.

In January, Kucther wrote that he was “fascinated” by the prospect of former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg launching an independent presidential bid.


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