The Blaze’s Loesch: Donald Trump ‘Is Basically the White Republican Barack Obama’

Friday on Glenn Beck’s radio show, The Blaze TV and radio host Dana Loesch attacked GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump for the alleged indiscretions of his past, ranging from his business ties to his previous policy stances.

Loesch argued that her personal Tea Party activism wasn’t something that was borne out of a desire to support a candidate like Trump.

“I’m disappointed,” she said. “I’m disappointed because I thought that all of this talk leading up to this time – because remember, he got his start as a grassroots candidate. I heard all of this discussion about how we need to sacrifice this for the better of the country. We need to put forth the strongest conservative and we need to stand on principles and we need not to compromise.”

“And Glenn, if I knew that getting death threats, spending weekends away from my family and going door to door and trying to get strangers I didn’t even know to vote for conservative candidates, and phone banking and cold-calling people I had no idea who they were trying to get them to vote for principle and conservative candidates, all of these fears – getting put on domestic terror watch lists and everything else to elect  guy who supports Planned Parenthood, partial-birth abortion, he’s against the Second Amendment, believes in eminent domain abuse, has mob ties, is basically the white Republican Barack Obama, I would have never gone out there and stood on the streets and I would have never done any of that because I did not bust my ass and I don’t think anyone else in the Tea Party did either to get to this point with this candidate,” she said.

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