Former Hillary Spokesman: I Enjoyed ‘Transactional Journalism’ with All the DC Media

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Through the Freedom of Information Act, Gawker of all places, is rooting up documents that confirm what we already know: that the DC Media is nothing more than a branch of the Democrat Party. The serial-liars at the Washington Post have tried to dishonestly hide this bias under a pox-on-all-houses fig leaf of “transactional journalism,” but the media corruption we’ve seen so far only benefits powerful Democrats.

And former Bush Press Secretary Ari Fleischer is pretty sure that is all we are going to see.

Furthering this out-in-the-open conspiracy, in an email to Washington Post media reporter Erik Wemple, former-Hillary Clinton press spokesman Phillip Reines, the target of Gawker’s archeological dig (something the DC Media would never do for fear of what they might find), says that his relationship with the Beltway press was much, much different than the one Fleischer experienced.

Prepare your *shockface*, because in a delicious act of blue-on-blue violence, Hillary’s Body Man Reines dips the entire Beltway Media Cabal right into the grease:

Any reporter who’s ever interacted with me can guess that I am more than a little entertained by seeing the media eat its own. But they also know that there is a lot of hypocrisy going on here. They know that because they themselves have engaged in what you and others have called transactional journalism — the ultimate Washington DC redundant phrase.

And that’s because you can’t throw a dart at the White House Correspondents Dinner without hitting someone who has been involved in quote approval, ground rule negotiation, source obfuscation — and every other routine thing that goes on every day, on both sides of the aisle, on both sides of the equation.

And with all due respect, that includes you. …

But this Unethical Reporter of the Week routine, based entirely on whatever fakakta process is determining which of my email is produced to Gawker and in what order, is truly hypocritical. While it will take until late 2018 or even 2019 for all of my 80,000+ email to be out there, I have a well informed source who already knows what’s in my email:


I wrote them. I read them.

And right or wrong, this is the norm. It’s the norm in every newsroom — including your own — and every communications shop in the city.

Of course to a Democrat like Reines, this is all usual-usual. Reines uses that argument to pretend there is no wrongdoing going on, just hypocrisy. But that’s the only media-world Democrats know, one in which everyone in the DC Media stands by to, well, “transact!”

Had Ari Fleischer “thrown that dart at the White House Correspondents Dinner,” the sun would have been blotted by the darts thrown right back at his face.

We don’t need these documents to believe any of this.

We have seen the coverage.

We see it every day.

Democrats sure got it good.


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