David Frum to Ben Carson: Gun Control Would’ve Prevented Holocaust

David Frum

For daring to stray from the Liberal Thought Plantation, the efforts of the left-wing media to other and dehumanize black Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson hit a new low Saturday with The Atlantic’s David Frum making the argument that gun control would have stopped Nazi Germany from carrying out the Holocaust.

Although it is well documented that Jews armed with nothing more than scrounged guns resisted the Nazis in the ghettos and even extermination camps like Treblinka and Sobibor; although there would be no Israel without badass stateless Jews arming themselves against their oppressors; Frum’s zeal to dehumanize Carson as a lunatic is such that he declares as “perfect ignorance” Carson’s suggestion that armed Jews would have been harder to exterminate.”

To further his goal of getting Carson’s mind right, Frum is perfectly willing to publicly make a fool of himself with this anti-science nonsense:

There’s really only one way in which gun control is at all relevant to the history of the Holocaust. As the late historian Henry Turner forcefully argued in Hitler’s Thirty Days to Power, the last clear chance to prevent the Nazi seizure of power in 1933 would have been a military coup at the end of 1932, followed by mass arrests of members of Nazi and communist militias, and the confiscation of their weapons. You might even say that stricter control of guns and gun-carrying political groups could have prevented the Holocaust.

Oh David.

Media Rule: as long as it is in service of The State, it is perfectly okay to use the Holocaust as a political poker chip.

If only Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Neville Chamberlain, Josef Stalin, France, Poland, and the rest had offered the Nazis a gun buyback program, think of the lives that would have been saved.

The bigoted media’s entire argument against The Scary Black Man Who Preaches Self-Reliance is that the Jews were going to die in the Holocaust anyway, so why ever would we have wanted them to have guns. The Holocaust would have been so much more messier that way.

The media likes their Jews like they like their blacks: passive, submissive, and with their minds “right.”

Frum is gleefully participating in the media’s Clarence Thomasing of Ben Carson. (Note his use of the word “ignorance.”)

Tragically, this is nothing new. From slavery to segregation, Democrats have used intimidation and terror campaigns against blacks who threaten their power structure. Today, instead of ropes and dogs, Democrats use the left-wing media to make public examples of blacks who don’t “have their minds right.”

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