South Park Shows Donald Trump Raped and Murdered

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Comedy Central

South Park’s “Where My Country Gone?” builds on last week’s assault on political correctness, by satirizing illegal immigration, Caitlyn Jenner’s driving skills, PC culture, and Donald Trump, who is depicted being raped and murdered by Mr. Garrison.

After Kyle’s apology for not viewing Caitlyn Jenner as his hero at the end of last week’s season premiere, this week’s show, which debuted Wednesday, starts with the character being invited to the White House by President Obama for finally recognizing the heroism of Bruce Jenner’s gender transition.

Obama delivers a speech about Jenner, which sends Mr. Garrison over the edge, as the teacher is already upset over the amount of illegal immigrants taking over the Colorado town.

After Obama’s speech, a lazy-eyed Caitlyn Jenner violently runs down a pedestrian outside the White House, referencing Bruce Jenner’s fatal auto accident back in February.

“You see? There! This is why it’s happening! Everyone’s preaching openness and acceptance, so millions of goddamn immigrants are comin’ over the border, and nobody seems to care!” says Garrison after hearing Obama speak.

The teacher adds, “It’s like nobody cares! And they just keep comin’, crossing the border with their dirty families, playing their stupid music.”

The immigrants, who are not Hispanic, but Canadian, cause tension, as PC Principal, who also returns, orders the faculty of South Park Elementary to learn to properly speak “Canadian” so they can teach lessons in both languages.

Mr. Garrison then starts a campaign to build a wall on America’s border with Canada and remove all Canadian immigrants from the United States.

(He proposes doing so by “f—king them all to death.”)

After the Canadians build a wall first, Garrison sneaks into Canada to figure out why, only to learn that the country is now a wasteland after electing a leader (Trump) who ran the country into the ground.

“There were several candidates during the Canadian elections,” an immigrant says of Canadian Trump. “One of them was this brash asshole who just spoke his mind. He didn’t really offer any solutions, he just said outrageous things. We all thought it was funny.”

The immigrant adds, “Nobody really thought he would ever be president, it was a joke. But we just let the joke go on for too long. He kept gaining momentum, and by the time we were all ready to say, ‘Okay, let’s get serious now, who who’ll really be president?’ he was already being sworn into office.”

Garrison finds his way to Canadian Trump’s office, where the two fight, and Garrison carries out his plan.

“The Canadian president has been f—ed to death,” says a Canadian after the scene, leading the immigrants to all move back to Canada.

Mr. Garrison decides to run for president, and receives a hero’s welcome when he returns to South Park. He chooses Caitlyn Jenner as his running mate and the two head to Washington, D.C., where Jenner again kills a pedestrian.

The satire show draws several comparisons between Garrison’s message and Trump’s campaign throughout the episode, and Garrison at one point in the the episode says, “Let’s make this country great again.”

Watch a clip of “Where My Country Gone” above.


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