‘South Park’ Takes on P.C. Culture in Season 19 Premiere


Using Bruce Jenner, Tom Brady, Brett Favre, frat boys, and a cameo from former Subway pitchman Jared Fogle, South Park took on America’s problems with political correctness Wednesday in the politically incorrect fashion fans have come to expect.

“Stunning and Brave” kicked off the show’s 19th season, and seeks to capture the mood of viewers feeling stifled by cultural sensitivity, while also poking fun at the National Football League and a number of other hot topics.

The episode starts when counselor Mackey announces to students at South Park Elementary that Principal Victoria has been fired after a Bill Cosby rape joke was made by a student. A new bro-talking, P.C. male school head then assumes power to make South Park a “more progressive place that fits in with today’s times.”

The new head of South Park immediately announces his displeasure with the town’s history, and begins to issue threats relating to the townspeople’s “bigotry,” after noting the school has only one black student, Token.

After P.C. Principal takes over the school, he ensures correct language language is used (e.g., gender pronouns) by students and faculty members, and eventually others in the small Colorado town.

He then accuses Kyle of making others feel “unsafe” and “harassed” for saying Caitlyn Jenner is not a hero, leading Cartman to get involved. He physically assaults Cartman for using “verbal violence” over the term “spokesman,” which he says should be replaced with “spokesperson.”

P.C. Principal concludes Bruce Jenner is “a f—ing stunning woman,” while making it clear he will resort to using violence to ensure everyone plays nice.

Cultural marginalization, social justice, capitalism and white/male privilege all take center stage during the episode, which notes, “P.C. is back, and its bigger than ever!”

Watch a clip of “Stunning and Brave” below:


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