EXCLUSIVE: Talk Radio Hosts – Listeners ‘Are Thrilled’ by Donald Trump


GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has soared in surveys since he announced his presidential campaign a few weeks ago in New York City – even becoming the GOP frontrunner in a recent poll – causing the real estate mogul to dominate talk radio airways across the country.

Breitbart News reached out to the Howie Carr Show and nationally syndicated talk radio hosts Lars Larson, Bill Bennett, and Dana Loesch to find out how listeners are responding to Trump’s campaign and the controversy surrounding his comments on illegal immigration.

Conservative talk radio host Lars Larson said, “My listeners are for the most part are thrilled by what Trump has said…I can’t recall a single phone call from anyone who said no trump was out of line to do that.”

Larson’s producer Tony King also weighed in, saying, “We’ve had a few people who have mentioned that he probably – they appreciate his message, but the delivery wasn’t wonderful.”

In general, they told Breitbart News their audience is satisfied with the overall message Trump is delivering on the issue of illegal immigration.

Larson said he keeps running the sound bite of Trump’s immigration statement because, he said, what Trump actually said is accurate – and he wants to remind listeners of what exactly Trump said – not what they think he said.

“You might find it uncomfortable because he’s one of the first public figures who’s willing to say that,” Larson explained, “but it’s true.”

“I would like to see him in the debate,” Larson said, explaining he will make other candidates express issues they never would have without the presence of a candidate like Trump.

Howie Carr Show producer Sandy Shack said their listeners are also responding positively to Trump.

“I discussed this with Howie and we both agree that the ratio is probably nine out of ten callers are supportive of Donald Trump and praise him for speaking up for the people and standing up to what they perceive to be efforts to bully him into shutting up. Even our regular somewhat cynical callers say they have newfound respect for Donald Trump and think he might go the distance,” Shack said.

“One of our listeners who sent us a text on the subject of Donald Trump put the general response we are getting best – Donald Trump might not be representing the GOP but he sure as hell is representing the American people,” Shack told Breitbart News.

Radio host Bill Bennett has found his listeners are mixed on the issue of supporting Trump, but all agree he started an important debate on the issue of immigration.

“Some view him as a bombastic publicity hound while others take his candidacy seriously. However, there is near universal agreement that, although he said it in a blunt, harsh way, his comments about immigration have started an important debate in the county about the problems of illegal immigration and the large number of crimes committed by illegals, many of whom are still in the United States,” Bennett told Breitbart News.

Host of The Dana Show – “The Conservative Alternative” – Dana Loesch said her show is receiving callers who really support Trump.

“I’ve interviewed nearly every candidate on my radio program and I’ve received the most feedback about Trump. When he ran in 2012 many in my audience didn’t take him for a serious candidate. The difference is his approach to issues. They’re all but ignoring his record and focusing on the force and fury of his statements now,” Loesch told Breitbart News.

She pointed out that Newt Gingrich did this during the last election, but added that Trump is Gingrich on steroids this time:

Many of the candidates are too afraid to have an opinion that isn’t poll-tested, even on obvious issues like amnesty and illegal entry. It’s infuriating listeners. As a result, candidates are unable to emotionally connect with voters. The party’s mistake has been to focus on the hows of his remarks instead of asking why its resonating with voters. Clearly he’s doing something to capture the people’s attention beyond getting a lot of coverage early in the polls. Voters are angry. They’re out for political blood this election cycle. They don’t want a peacemaker, they want a firebrand, someone who brings a verbal sword. They want someone who will say everything they’ve been feeling with the same level of emotion they’ve felt these past eight years. This is what the party is overlooking. It just happens to be Trump, instead of another candidate, filling the role at this moment.

She said having presence and the ability to connect emotionally with voters is what matters and she said every single listener call she has received regarding Trump has hit on these issues.

“A caller earlier this week mentioned how she feels candidates are more worried about offending the media than their voters,” Loesch concluded.


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