70% of Schools Do Shooting Drills, but Only 43% Have Armed Security

Arming Teachers

A new report from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) shows that while “70 percent” of all public schools put kids through school shooting scenarios/drills, only “43 percent” have armed security.

According to the report, among the 70 percent that practice shooting scenarios, the drills are more frequent in elementary and middle schools, but only slightly, as “68 percent” of “high school/combined” practice the drills, too.

However, only “43 percent” of all public schools have armed security, and only “24 percent” have full time armed security at school.” This armed security can be “security guards, security personnel, and School Resource Officers, or sworn law enforcement officers who are not School Resource Officers.”

In addition to the shooting scenarios/drills, the report showed that public schools put students through drills for numerous natural disasters, hostage situations, and bomb threats, among other things. Also, “22 percent” of all public schools practice hostage situations, “49 percent” practice proper reactions to “bomb threats or incidents,” and “83 percent” practice “natural disaster” scenarios/drills.

Vox.com reports that these schools have basically lumped in Sandy Hook-style attacks with tornadoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes as “disasters beyond their control that students must be prepared for at all costs.”

While this is happening, “school employees and parents are beginning to complain that the drills themselves can be traumatizing.”

Moreover, Vox points out that all the trauma may be for naught because “there’s no evidence that having conducted mass shooting drills actually helps” if a real attacker enters the school.

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