Moms Demand Action Founder: ‘The NRA Is Losing’

(Johnny Hanson / AP
Johnny Hanson / AP

In a New Year’s Day interview with Salon magazine, Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America founder Shannon Watts said the media is misreading things — Moms Demand Action is not losing, but the NRA is.

According to Salon, Watts suggested “the NRA and the gun lobby in general” succeeded in controlling gun debate language in a way that gives those defending the Second Amendment the appearance of victory. In reality, however, she says the public actually supports the gun control lobby’s position over the NRA’s.

Watts says the NRA also seizes on differences between racial and ethnic groups and “exploit [divisions] within different communities and manipulate information and try to paint a picture that’s not accurate.”

Watts did not mention that Moms Demand Action’s current campaign against Alan Jackson and Jeff Foxworthy paints a pictures that’s not accurate by claiming the “NRA fights to arm terrorists” and “[scares] people just to boost gun sales.” Nor did she mention that Moms Demand Action’s entire existence rests on focusing on one group of people — mothers — and exploiting mothers’ natural fears for their children’s safety in a way that benefits the gun control lobby.

Instead, Watts says the media has been duped and doesn’t see that “90 percent or more of Americans [support] background checks.” Nor does the media understand that the huge pro-gun Congressional victories in the midterm elections won’t really stop the gun control lobby, because groups like Moms Demand Acton have already said they’ll just bypass Congress.

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