Angus King Sends Wife Trolling for Money

Angus King Sends Wife Trolling for Money

In the same vein as the Obama “personal” e-mails with their ubiquitous whining, moaning, and begging, Angus King has sent out his current wife, Mary Herman, to play victim because poor, weak, Angus can’t do it himself.

Dear Friend,  

When my husband decided to run for Senate, we knew the campaign would be hard at times, but nothing – not even the eight years when Angus served as Governor – could have prepared us for this.

She’s right. Nothing, not even the rumors that Angus had an affair with Mary while he was married to his first wife, could have prepared them for this.

He reminds me that we cannot take these attacks personally, but the recent coordinated assault by outside Republican groups is making an assumption that ought to offend us all:  They are literally trying to buy this election, and they couldn’t care less about Maine.

If they didn’t care about Maine, then why the heck are they spending money there and not somewhere else? I thought in America, you could spend your money any place you pleased?

All the while Charlie Summers claims he “wants to talk about the issues,” but his out-of-state allies are pouring in millions of dollars trying to tear my husband down with lies and distortions. And we expect more money is headed this way. 

You’re right, Mary. Charlie doesn’t want to talk about the issues while Angus does. It’s always refreshing when Angus talks about the good ol’ days when you were a lobbyist for Central Maine Power and Angus made his first big payday by selling his company, Northeast Energy, to CMP.

We’ve never taken anything in this race for granted, and with nearly $2 million in attack advertising directed at Angus, we must all redouble our efforts to help him win this race.

This election isn’t just about electing Angus King as the next Senator from Maine; it’s a referendum on whether or not Maine elections are for sale.

Gee, I thought it was a referendum on whether or not the government ought to keep its greedy hands out of our politics and getting rid of backroom deals like the one your husband made with Barack Obama.

You can help us by spreading the word and contributing to the campaign today.  There’s no question that we will be outspent by Charlie Summers and his out-of-state allies, but if we can raise enough money to defend Angus, we can win this race.

Thank you for everything you do for this Campaign.  We simply cannot win this without you.

Warm regards,

Mary Herman

            p.s. Help us stick up for Angus by forwarding this e-mail to five people.

P.S. Please make sure those five people know Angus’s bank account number.


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