Delingpole: Parents, Don’t Send Your Children to University!

James talks to David Craig, co-author of The Great University Con: How We Broke Our Universities and Betrayed a Generation, on this week’s episode of Delingpole.

Craig confirms all of James’s worst suspicions about the pointlessness of (most) further education. And if you think it is bad in the U.S., wait until you hear how much worse it is in the U.K.: Mickey Mouse degree courses at third-rate universities with huge dropout rates – all ultimately serviced by the hapless taxpayer.

Then there are those poor kids who leave even more stupid than when they arrived – indoctrinated by a toxic mix of post-modernism and neo-Marxism, which turns them into cry-bully unemployables with a huge sense of entitlement but no obvious qualifications for the world of work.


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