Nolte: Media’s Praise of Soleimani Has Failed to Turn Public on Trump

Trump Supporters
AP Photo/Lance Iversen

Polls released this week show that a plurality of Americans support President Trump’s handling of Iran – specifically, his decision to target that country’s terror mastermind, Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, with an airstrike.

Last week, in retaliation for an attack on America’s embassy in Iraq, Trump ordered an airstrike that killed Soleimani, a mass murderer and terrorist responsible for hundreds of American deaths in Iraq and countless other murders in the region.

Democrats and their media allies immediately sided with Iran and mass murderer Soleimani, who is being glorified by our own media as “revered,” as “Charles de Gaulle, as “incredibly brave,” as “a warrior-philosopher who became the backbone of a nation’s defense against a host of enemies.”

The media have also attacked Trump, without evidence, as “reckless” and “unprepared.” Headlines are screaming about World War III, the return of the draft … all the usual bullshit we’ve come to expect from these now and forever discredited fake news outlets.

Thankfully, though, and as we have seen happen frequently over the past few years, none of the media propaganda is having a serious effect on the American people. By and large, the people know the media lie. The people know the media are so deranged with hate they would side with a terrorist over our own president. And we can see this in two polls.

In a HuffPost-YouGov survey, only 38 percent of respondents oppose Trump’s decision to eliminate Soleimani.

Think about that…

After a week of 24/7 media lies. After a week of the corporate media spending billions of dollars on scare tactics and hysteria and lies to undermine Trump’s decision, only 38 percent in a HuffPost poll agree. HuffPost!

Meanwhile, 43 percent approve.

This is a poll conducted between January 3-5 of 1,000 U.S. adults and has a margin of error of 3.4 percentage points.

A Morning Consult poll taken between January 4-5, a poll that screened for registered voters, had a larger pool of 1,995 respondents, and a smaller margin of error of just two percent, shows that only 40 percent disapprove of the airstrike, while a plurality and near-majority of 47 percent approve.

You can certainly understand why people are hesitant to approve or disapprove. We all have to wait and see where this is going. This is a high-risk chess game being played out in real time in the real world.

These polls were also taken before Iran’s Tuesday night airstrike on a U.S. base in Iraq.

As of now, however, it looks as though Iran’s airstrike proves Trump’s targeting of Soleimani was a success. The early reports tell us this was largely a symbolic, face-saving strike where Iran deliberately avoided U.S. causalities. If true, this means Trump’s targeting Soleimani scared the hell out of an Iran that just last week was targeting Americans, including our embassy. In other words, Iran is de-escalating after Trump shocked them with his bold move against Soleimani, which probably has every one of Iran’s military officers quaking in their boots.

That is the lay of the land right now. This is a fluid situation that can change on a dime, but so far, the president is handling everything exceptionally well, and no amount of media lies have convinced the public otherwise.

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