Imam Tawhidi: ‘All Islamic Governments’ Are Failures ‘Because Religion Is Not a Constitution’

395410 05: A student reads a textbook at the Islamic religious school, Tajdal Quran madrassa, October 5, 2001 in Quetta, Pakistan. Like most Islamic school students in Pakistan they memorize the Qu-ran (Koran) but they don''t understand much of the contents of the Koran since it is in Arabic which …
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Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, known internationally as the “Imam of Peace,” says all the world’s Islamic governments are failures because political Islam misses the fact that religion cannot be used as a tool to govern human beings.

“All Islamic governments are a fail because religion is not a constitution that can be used to rule and govern. You cannot impose your faith on anyone whether you have a government or not,” Tawhidi said during an appearance on Canada’s TAG TV this week:

Tawhidi is an Iran-born, Australia-based public figure and Muslim faith leader of Iraqi origin, who achieved his Islamic education from the Islamic Seminaries of the Holy Cities of Qom, Iran, and Karbala, Iraq. The imam promotes gender equality, the separation of politics and religion, and has established himself as a prominent voice against Islamic violence and condemns all acts of terrorism.

He added:

Islam, as a religion, like Christianity, like Judaism, [like] all religions, come with one mission, and that is to guide human beings not to rule over the human being. Political Islam comes from the problem that some scholars in Islam, and they are the majority, believe that Islam can be used as a tool to govern human beings. And this is the problem. Islam is not a constitution that one can use in a government. And this is why all Islamic governments are failing governments with the worst economies, the highest statistics in divorce, the people are upset, prisons are full, people are fleeing the countries, flooding the West.

“All Islamic governments are a fail. I don’t want to speak about other religions, other theocracies, but I speak about my religion, [Islam],” Tawhidi said, adding, “All governments that used Islam as a formula for their constitution – in other words, violent Sharia law – all of them failed. No one can now give me one good, successful Muslim government.”

Tawhidi also posted a clip from his interview along with the tweet: “All Islamic governments are a fraud because there’s no basis for them in the Quran. Prophet Mohammad couldn’t have possibly had a government in Medina because all Islamic governments are illegitimate.” He added, “I will present an entire episode on this issue soon. All islamic govs = SCAM”:

In conclusion, Imam Tawhidi said, “Islam is not a constitution to govern. It’s a constitution to guide. And even that can be questioned because you cannot impose your faith on anyone, whether you have a government or not.”

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