Jew Knifed in Marseilles by ISIS Adherent

French police patrol in Marseille AFP

On Wednesday evening, a Jewish history teacher in Marseille’s 13th arrondissement was stabbed in an attack by three people screaming anti-Semitic curses.

Tzion Saadon, 56, who as an Orthodox Jew was wearing a yarmulke, was assaulted at roughly 8:00 p.m., according to police prefect Laurent Nunez. Saadon was stabbed in the arm and leg; the attacker knifing him wore a shirt with the Islamic State terror group logo, according to prosecutor Brice Robin. Robin added, “The three people insulted, threatened and then stabbed their victim in the arm and leg. They were interrupted by the arrival of a car and fled.”

The man on a moped used his cell phone to show Saadon a picture of Mohammed Merah, the Islamic terrorist who murdered a rabbi and four children at a Jewish school in Toulouse in 2012. The attacker then revealed his T-shirt with the ISIS symbol before repeatedly stabbing the teacher. Meanwhile, the other two attackers observed the attack and yelled anti-Semitic curses as the knifing continued.

Saadon was treated at a hospital; his life was not in danger.

The latest anti-Semitic assault followed an October attack in which a rabbi and two of his congregants were stabbed in Marseilles outside a synagogue. In 2010, after the Charlie Hebdo massacre, Islamic terrorists killed four people at a kosher supermarket in Paris.


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