Gaza Jihadi on Paris Summit: Only Our Guns Will Dictate the Future

Palestinian young jihad boys take part in a rally of Hamas supporters to commemorate the 27th anniversary of the Islamist movements creation and to ask for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip on December 12, 2014 in Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

An Islamic State-supporting jihadi in Gaza rejected the resolutions of Sunday’s Paris Mideast summit, saying that “the mujahideen aren’t committed to the resolutions made by the Crusaders and the treacherous leaders who turned their back on Islam and represent secular infidelity in Palestine and the Arab world.”

While the Palestinian Authority tries to capitalize on the summit resolutions to penalize Israel, Abu Baker Almuhajer said: “These summits are futile, because eventually it’s our gun that will dictate the discourse and the rhythm. We don’t recognize the Paris summit, we don’t recognize the Camp David summit, we don’t recognize Oslo and will never recognize any resolution that doesn’t recognize Palestine as the Muslim waqf. Sharia bans trading and sharing Waqf land, that’s why these leaders can take as many photos as they want – the Muslims aren’t buying it. We don’t recognize any resolution they made, and call on Palestinians everywhere not to play along with this charade that is essentially about continuing to sell Palestine down the river.”

“In parallel to this summit, we’re preparing summits of the mujahideen,” he added, “which are training camps, where we recruit fighters against the infidels and the Crusaders who seek to give away our land and our holy sites to the Jews and fight these leaders who broke with Islam for worldly pleasures and for the lies called democracy and diplomacy. In the war for Islam’s land there’s no place for diplomacy or compromise. There’s no middle way – it’s either you abide by Allah’s commandments or you side with the nonbelievers.”

“The Islamic State organization is committed to one thing only,” he said. “It’s not a convention or an international agreement, it’s Sharia and its imposition. We will continue to fight relentlessly against those who wish to divert the Muslims from that route. The pathetic charade in Paris is part of that deviation effort. We don’t fight for a border here or there, we fight for imposing Islam in Palestine, the whole of Palestine, and bring about an Islamic State that would do away with the artificial states that only separate the Muslims from each other. That was the endgame in Paris, and of all the other plots and schemes of the Crusaders and their nonbelieving followers in Arab capitals. We will continue to be committed solely to jihad and to Allah’s call to fight the infidels.”


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