EXCLUSIVE – Gaza Cleric: Jerusalem Truck Attack Permitted by Sharia

JERUSALEM, ISRAEL - JANUARY 08: (ISRAEL OUT) Israeli security forces and emergency personnel gather at the site of a vehicle-ramming attack on January 8, 2017 in Jerusalem, Israel. Four israeli soldiers were killed and 13 wounded after an industrial truck driven by a Palestinian man, rammed into a group of …
Lior Mizrahi/Getty

Sunday’s deadly truck-ramming attack in Jerusalem is permitted by Sharia law, a Palestinian cleric claimed to Breitbart Jerusalem.

Ahmad Abou Aklein, a Gaza extremist imam, said the attack that left four Israelis dead and another 17 wounded is allowed under Sharia Islamic law because “it targeted an enemy that occupied Muslim land. None of the casualties was an innocent man who lives in a land that is his own. None of the dead could validly claim that occupied Palestine is his country of origin.”

Aklein referred to the entire state of Israel as “occupied Muslim land.”

“Compare it to a Chinese or an Iraqi soldier who comes to the United States or a European country and occupies it,” he added. “Will they let it happen? Will they not resist in every possible way? This is what the hero did today, he fought against the soldiers of the occupation and killed them, that’s all.”

“Palestine is occupied by an enemy that kills our sons and turns our wives into widows, that’s why our jihad is not only permitted by the Islamic Sharia, but by international law as well,” he said. “Even the UN allows the sons of a certain country to occupy those who occupy their land.”

The extremist cleric asked why the Israelis, “who are so afraid of the killing of soldiers and settlers, continue to occupy our lands? They have no place here, they have no choice, except getting up and getting out of this holy land.”

Asked whether there are parallels between Sunday’s attack and similar recent attacks in Nice and Berlin, Abou Aklein said: “These attacks took place in countries that attack and kill Muslims in Muslim lands, that’s why it’s OK to attack soldiers there, and we have to do our utmost not to hurt innocent people in these countries. What happens here in Palestine is attacks against occupiers, against an enemy that tries to entrench his grip on the occupied land and kills its original inhabitants. What happens in Europe is a political issue that is linked to the fact that the armies of these countries take part in a war against Muslims in their lands. There is no intention to kick the Germans out of Germany.”


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