WATCH: Man Saves Father and Daughter from Raging Floodwaters Using Tractor

A Washington man and his coworkers used tractors to rescue people stranded in raging floodwaters after historic rains caused intense flooding in the town of Sumas in Whatcom County.

The floodwaters caused damage to an estimated 75 percent of homes in Sumas and left a substantial number of people in need of help, according to Fox 13. The outlet reports that 500 evacuations and rescues were reported.

Mike Scholten, of Scholten’s Equipment, and his coworkers took rescue matters into their own hands and drove tractors to Sumas.

“I’m just a tractor salesman,” Scholten told Fox 13.

As he and his coworkers arrived at the town, he realized just how many needed assistance. 

“That town is a mess. People needed help; they needed out,” he said

In a joint effort with the Sumas Police Department, Scholten and his band of tractor drivers rescued dozens of people, Fox 13 reports.

One rescue caught on film and posted to Scholten’s Equipment’s YouTube account was particularly nerve-wracking. On their way back to Lyndon, Washington, Scholten and another driver came across a father and a daughter trapped in a truck as floodwater raged. The video of the rescue indicates they were returning from the hospital.

“Okay, these people might need to be saved. I don’t know what I’m going to do, though,” Scholten says in the video. 

When he was close to the truck, he shouted, “You guys wanna come in here?”

The team used another tractor to block the current in their effort to extract the father and daughter safely.

“He’s going to block the current, okay? That way, the truck won’t move, hopefully,” Scholten said. 

“Thank you so much,” the girl told Scholten. 

She safely made her way into the tractor as her father remained in the vehicle and needed a moment to catch his breath. 

“If she can do it you can too. I bet it! I believe in you!” the tractor salesman said. 

“I believe in you too, Dad!” the girl shouted.

The father made his way into the tractor, and ten seconds later the truck washed away with the current, according to the video. 


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