WATCH: Sacramento Man Rescues Kitten Caught in Raging Floodwaters

Video footage caught the moment a Sacramento man rescued a kitten that was caught in floodwaters on October 24 after a northern California storm.

Skip Campbell and his wife Nancy were walking in Cottage Park in Sacramento, California, examining the flood water levels when Nancy heard a noise.

“My wife had heard a faint noise and looked over and saw a little head bobbing up,” Skip told KTXL.

Nancy had heard a kitten swimming in raging floodwaters and quickly moving downstream.

Skip began to wade into the water to save the young cat.

“It was about waist-high. And I was just real careful because it does drop off about three feet away from where I’m at,” Campbell told KTXL. “And that’s where it drops into the creek bed.”

As he made his way over to the kitten, the cat suddenly sank under the water. 

 “It (the kitten) had traveled along for a couple feet before it was down a few inches underwater,” Campbell said, according to ABC 10. 

Once the cat went underwater, it struggled to stay afloat for upwards of ten seconds when Skip reached into the water and pulled the kitten out.

“I think I just lucked out on my guess on where it’d be by the time I got out to it,” Campbell said according to ABC 10. 

 “It (the kitten) was really tired. It didn’t struggle at all. It was just kind of ready to be rescued, I suppose,” Skip added.

“It was great. Really pretty cat. And it doesn’t seem real feral,” Campbell said. “Seems real calm. It got beautiful green eyes,” Skip told KTXL. 

The couple took the kitten home and are caring for it for the time being. They have already rescued and saved a different feral cat that lives at their home, so they are searching for someone who wants to adopt the kitten and provide it with a good life, according to ABC 10. 

KCRA reports the couple has already heard from a few neighbors who expressed interest in adopting the kitten. 


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