WATCH: Police Rescue Toddler Whose Head Was Stuck in Fence

Boulder, Colorado, police officers rescued a toddler who wedged her head between two bars on a porch at an apartment complex, which left her trapped.

The Boulder police posted a video of the rescue to their Twitter account on Tuesday. “As kids we’ve all done things that seem like a good idea but that we come to regret,” the tweet reads. “That was the situation here where this toddler accidentally got her head stuck. Thankfully Sgt Marquez & Officer Kyle found a quick & clever way to safely free her.”

Officers were forced to bring out the heavy-duty tools as they used a battering ram to gain leverage and create space between the bars so the young girl could slip her head out. The child then rushed to what appeared to be her mother, where she received a giant hug. As they both began to cry, her mother said, “oh thank you,” to the officers and told her daughter, “don’t ever do that again. Don’t stick your head through any bars.”

An officer gave a police sticker to the little girl and asked her if she felt sick in case they needed to provide her medical attention. She responded with a resounding and adorable, “no!”

They followed up by asking if she was “doing okay.” With great enthusiasm, the child responded, “yeah!”

The little girl shouted, “thank you!” from the balcony as the police walked away from the home and toward their vehicles.

“Your welcome!” they responded in unison.


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