VIDEO: Delivery Truck Overturns, Spilling Vegetables on NYC Expressway

A tractor-trailer wrecked on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway Monday, spilling crates of vegetables onto the roadway.

The crash took place on the eastbound BQE at Flushing Avenue, ABC 7 reported.

The outlet’s Newscopter 7 hovered over the scene, showing viewers the orange and white tractor-trailer laying on its side with its roof torn open.

A photo showed the vegetables that appeared to be strewn about inside the trailer and all over a concrete barrier while firefighters at the scene assessed the damage:

The vegetables were believed to be peppers. No one was injured during the incident, according to the ABC 7 article.

“The right and center lanes were shut down, as well as the exit ramp, leaving just the left lane for traffic to get by. The incident resulted in extensive traffic delays back to the Gowanus Expressway in southern Brooklyn,” Pix 11 reported.

According to the outlet, there was no immediate update as to when authorities would have the scene cleaned up.

Pix 11 also shared aerial footage of the scene showing emergency vehicles and a line of traffic merging in order to pass by the wrecked tractor-trailer:

Tom Kaminski with Newsradio 880 said police confirmed the vegetable spill was mostly bell peppers littering the roadway.

“The investigation is underway and the cleanup certainly is gonna have to be underway, too. The only thing getting by here on the northbound BQE is the left lane,” he told viewers.

Kaminski shared additional photos of the scene on his Twitter page, showing multiple angles of the overturned delivery truck and emergency crews:

Social media users expressed concern for the driver and also for those tasked with clearing the mess.

“Hope all are ok, what a shame all that produce…” one person wrote.

“Man, I feel bad for who ever has to clean this up!!” another commented.


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