Missouri Man Seeking Owner of Lost Veteran’s Flag

American flag (Rusty Clark / Flickr / CC)
Rusty Clark / Flickr / CC

As Americans honor veterans this Memorial Day weekend, one Missouri man is seeking the owner of a boxed flag he found in the middle of the road.

Gary Bourisaw, of Jefferson County, said he was on his way back from his wife’s eye doctor’s appointment on Wednesday when he saw the boxed flag in the middle of the road.

“There was a box in the road, and laying right next to the box was this flag right here,” Bourisaw told KMOV. “I busted a U-ey and went back and got the flag. There was even people stopping helping me with flashers.”

Bourisaw said he served in the Vietnam War for 15 months between 1969 and 1970, adding that an American flag has a special meaning for him, and he would not let any flag lay on the ground.

Bourisaw thinks the flag belongs to a deceased veteran’s family and wants to return the flag to them.

“My father was a vet, he was in World War II. I have his flag,” Bourisaw told the television station. “If that was my dad’s flag, I would want it back.”

There was no name on the flag’s display case, so Bourisaw posted pictures of the flag on Facebook.

“I will gladly bring your flag to a neutral place, filling station, grocery store, etc. for you to have it back,” Bourisaw wrote in his post.


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