Road Rage: Man with ‘Wolverine Claw’ Confronts Teens Who Reportedly Threw Objects at His Car

@MylesMill / Twitter

A man angry with teenagers who reportedly threw items at his car was captured on video emerging from his vehicle with a double-bladed, wrist-strapped weapon — quickly dubbed a “wolverine claw” online — in Whitestone, Queens, Wednesday afternoon.

The footage, shared by NBC New York reporter Myles Miller, shows a man shouting at the youths before turning his grey SUV around to drive up to them. The man is seen quickly exiting his vehicle and chasing down one of the young men as he asks, “You want to throw shit like that?” while pointing the weapon at him.

The man then turns his attention to the rest of the group, pointing the weapon in their direction as he once again asks, “You want to throw shit like that?”

In Miller’s previous tweet, the reporter said the man also attempted to run over the teens with his truck.

Reporters and commentators compared the man’s unique weapon to Wolverine, the Marvel Comics X-Men character who fights with blades attached to his knuckles.

Several conservative commentators mocked the teenagers for urging each other to “call the police” when the man became angry and pulled his car around to confront them.

According to Miller, local police said of the incident: “no arrests at this time and the investigation is ongoing.”


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