VIDEO: Tree Falls on Car on I-285; Driver Unharmed

Stunning dashcam footage showed the moment a tree fell on a car driving on Georgia’s I-285, nearly flattening the vehicle it fell on.

The dashcam video was recorded on I-285 near Ashford outside Atlanta, Georgia, on February 6 during a heavy storm.

A few drivers who saw the unexpected tree falling down braked suddenly and had enough time to swerve out of its path. One silver sedan was not so lucky.

The silver sedan was totaled beneath the tree’s weight, but the driver miraculously escaped without serious injuries.

“A tree fell on this vehicle traveling I-285 EB at Ashford Dunwoody Rd. Thankfully no serious injuries. Crews are working to open up the interstate. Expect heavy delays,” the Dunwoody Police Department posted on Facebook after the accident.

Branches also fell into the path of oncoming drivers at the time of the accident, but most drivers were able to continue on their journey unscathed by the fallen tree.

The accident caused four lanes of traffic to be cordoned off as crews worked to clear the damage. All but two lanes were blocked by the fallen tree, WXIA reported.


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