Selfie Goes Wrong Causing $200,000 in Damage at L.A. Art Gallery

selfie 187928720

A woman’s attempt to take a selfie at an art exhibit in Los Angeles went horribly wrong when she fell backward, igniting a domino effect of crashing pedestals in a room characterized as “a serene space.”

The pop-up gallery presented a creation by Simon Birch, a British-born, Hong Kong-based artist, which showed extremely valuable crowns resting on top of a series of pedestals.

The gallery described the exhibition as “displayed crowns, or at least some resemblance of what a crown might be, presented as precious trophies or boons. The title of this work was inspired by the electronic dance track ‘Hypercaine’ by DJ Fresh. It is also a signifier of the ultimate human drug — power.”

According to Birch, the selfie mishap caught on video happened two weeks ago and he estimated the damage at about $200,000. The artist was philosophical about the calamitous accident remarking, “Crowns are fragile things. They are symbols of power. Perhaps it’s ironic and meaningful that they fell.”

The Los Angeles Times reported that the exhibit opened in April at an old warehouse in Lincoln Heights and displays the works of multimedia artists from around the world.


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