Watch Video: Fiery Plane Crash on California Freeway Amid Rush Hour Traffic

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Associated Press

Two people aboard a Cessna 310 twin-engine plane miraculously survived when it crashed on the 405 Freeway in Orange County California.

The aircraft burst into a spectacular ball of flames and smoke but managed to avoid causing major damage to ongoing cars, clipping only one vehicle in its dramatic descent.  

According to one eyewitness, the plane “hit the northbound side and bounced into the southbound side and burst into flames immediately.” She told ABC News that she saw a woman pull someone — “reportedly her husband” — from the burning plane.

“They were laying on the ground, clearly, covered in blood, but they were speaking to us,” the witness said. “We thought that we were going to witness people just burning to death … it was the most frightening thing I have ever seen.”

The man and woman on the plane, “suffered traumatic injuries,” according to Orange County fire officials.

Orange County Fire officials also told ABC that no one driving on the freeway was injured.

The incident occurred around 9:30 a.m. PDT.   The freeway was shut down in both directions and the nearby John Wayne airport was closed to arrivals.


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